Being Social on Social Network

Being social on social network makes the world a small place.

You might agree that we now spend huge amount of time on social networks. We accept friendship requests from whoever to broaden out network. Who for expanding one’s friends list in order to attract more attention while advertising one’s business, who for simple socialising or curiosity, it could be and is any reason.

Not long ago I added a lady onto my friends list, I don’t remember whether that was on facebook’s own suggestion by our mutual friends, it’s not even important why. Soon I have noticed she liked or commented on many of my posts so I wrote her a quick personal message. I wanted to get to know this lady that seemed so interesting and interested as it was obvious we had similar interests and views.

Some time later I also became a social network friend with one her dear friends, unaware of the fact at the time, who later also became my client. As I wrote him a welcoming email I realised the name was familiar, I checked my facebook and found him on my friends list. How nice to have a client someone I have already built the friendship and trust through social network. And to add to the chain of odd event he mentioned that the lady I got to know, Maria, is a client of his and a friend.


A few days ago I sent Maria a little message again to present her the fact that we are connected with her dear friend too whom I might see later when going on training to the country where he lives in summer, which is no coincidence again, asking if she was joining us maybe for a lunch one day while being over there, just to find out she was visiting my home city, Bratislava at the moment.

We met 2 day later, yesterday, and had a lovely afternoon. We couldn’t stop talking as Maria is such a darling with broad knowledge and rich life experiences. I am so grateful the social network brings people together and makes the world a small place. Without it I would probably never know this beautiful soul and I would never hear the stories I heard yesterday. Without the social network I would be a friend poorer, as now she is not only my facebook friend, but a real friend.

Thank you Maria, can’t wait to see you again soon.




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