Business Trip or Holiday

Business Trip or Holiday? It’s a laptop lifestyle,

a business holiday.

While travelling to Cyprus, on the plane the person sitting next to me asked me if I was going on a business trip or holidays. I paused as I couldn’t really answer it. At that moment I realised I had to change my vocabulary and give my travelling a new definition. I couldn’t really specify if it was a business trip or holiday. I couldn’t give it one name or the other. With my work, my laptop lifestyle, it’s both. I take my laptop, go to do masterminding wherever I need to go, work, but of course, if it’s a place, like Cyprus now, for example, where I have never been before, I am going to take advantage and make a holiday out of it as well.

I’ve been on business trip before, where I went to my hotel, stayed at the location all day, worked and after late dinner and after a skype videocall with my children went tired to my hotel room, which wasn’t always in the best hotel or location, went bed and the next day was it was the same and next same again. Never had nor time nor energy to explore around. So that’s the business trip, visiting places for work purposes and not much more to it. You travel, not necessarily enjoying the journey itself as you know you can’t relax and need to look and be your best professional all the time, you work hard on the location and same is your journey back home, to which you are looking forward to right from the beginning.

And holiday is holiday. You submit your holiday request to you boss with a hope it gets approved. If it does, you feel terribly grateful and almost buying your boss a bottle of best wine as a gratitude sign and finally you can start planning, not only fantasising about it. You choose your destination and start programming. You can’t wait and count days, like a little kid. The holiday starts already on the way to the airport, right? To make the most of your allocated time.

So how would I specify my trip? What would I call it? I guess it is nothing else but Laptop Lifestyle. No need for business trips or holidays as such. I can do business whether I am at home or out. And I can have holiday while I’m doing business. Why not?

But it made me realise how great it is to be able to be free as I am. To have my online business and be able to travel without a need to allocate some time for my holiday or vice versa, without stressing around a business trip where you dedicate your all day to a business.

Business holiday. That’s what it is and will be from now on? You choose some nice holiday destination to go for business purposes. With freedom of time and freedom of place.



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