Having Three Teenagers is Like Having Three Mercedes-Benz

I am a mom of three teenagers.

And I feel like having three Mercedes-Benz.

A few days ago I was told I have nothing, and by my best friend! She said it upon my current situation, as it is true I am temporarily living in a rented accommodation due to an unresolved dispute with my ex over our jointly owned family home with all its content in Italy. My rented place is small, sometimes too small for almost 4 adults in, actually. I don’t own a car as my last car is still parked next to our family home, with no possibility to bring it over now.

I didn’t inherit any particular assets either, or I could even say almost nothing, after my parents died thanks to some strange family philosophies and politics over religious issues and thanks to some rules I did not follow and entitlements to which I did not fit, apparently. Whatever, never mind.

And I haven’t managed to accumulate any riches since I have been separated. Maybe too busy working for a wrong company that although was providing us with discounted lunch vouchers as a part of our company benefit, also managed to invade our private lives with tactics they use upon their employees, for which many people fall not realising becoming imprisoned. One of the chains they use is a type of contract they offer that enables us to run into huge debts with mortgages and loans and therefore becoming their slaves.

But, do I really have nothing??? Just because I wasn’t willing to take a heavy mortgage and a car on payment program but rather live in a modest place, use public transport and every spare money I have I invest in ME? In building my own online business, not somebody else’s, building my future that will give me total FREEDOM. Freedom of place of work, freedom of time to work and financial freedom.

Somehow I still don’t think so.

Having three teenagers is like having three Mercedes-Benz of a different calibre, horsepower or performance parked right in your yard. Firstly, it cost me almost my life to acquire them, really hard effort. Hours of preparation (pregnancy) followed by hours of hard labour. And now having them, the parking (housing), the petrol (nurturing), the maintenance (schooling and healthcare), changing the tyres/shoes twice a year, the summer and the winter ones… and sometimes it feels like trying to drive them all at the same time. Pretty expensive business for a single mom, right?

Having three teenagers is like having three Mercedes-Benz. The only difference is cars don’t love you back. Children do. Cars take you places on the roads built by men. But the children take you to places with their fantasy that knows no borders or limits. They make you build “roads and bridges” where you wouldn’t normally. They energise you, they make you perform out of your range or will, they teach you, educate you, make you a better person, love you and they also take care of you when you feel down.

Anyway, I do feel like having three Mercedes-Benz. One is prettier than the other. They make me feel rich beyond riches and happy beyond any other happiness. And they are worth all my expenses and hard work.




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