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Online Marketing Business Clarifications

Some Online Marketing Business Observations and Clarifications. I sometimes don’t understand why many marketers will try to convince you that becoming an Online Marketer is easy and is the best thing that could happen to them and it will be the best thing for you too as long as you sign up with them and in...

Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, of course, it is! Just like everything has a pyramid shape, every business is a pyramid, every structure, even in any religion, is a pyramid. So is the Network Marketing a pyramid scheme. So why people consider Network Marketing a pyramid scheme and what is a pyramid scheme to you? A classic pyramid scheme business to...

Gold as Perfect Gift

Gold as perfect gift yesterday, today and always. It’s my son’s 20th birthday today. I normally ask my kids now what would they like me to get for them, as you know, fussy teenagers 😀 Though I know the answer already prior to asking. “Mami, don’t buy me a thing, I never wear clothes you bought...

Benefits for Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

Benefits for Network Marketing Entrepreneurs and their prospects Are you ready for 2018? Are you ready to welcome changes and take advantage of a new US government tax plan? It means a significant positive change in Network Marketing, it means another benefit added to all the benefits for network marketing entrepreneurs and their prospects. No, I...

Online Business Opportunities for 2018

We are so lucky to have a choice of various Online Business Opportunities nowadays, it is almost hard to choose from. Having your own Online Business is not a dream only anymore, it is possible for everyone. Anyone can start now with proven modules, systems ready and done for you to plug-in and start making...

Freedom with Network Marketing

Hi, I am Stanislava Hale and I love the FREEDOM with Network Marketing and I think you will love it too. Do you have time to waste time???  Then start marketing with me 🙂 Start your journey towards Freedom with Network Marketing with me. If you don’t know where to start, you might like the platforms and learning...

Why Do People Lie About Network Marketing?

Why do people lie about network marketing? If it was easy, everyone would do it. Why there’s so much misleading and people trying to sell you anything just because they bought it? To justify their decisions, their reasons and whys? And possibly, their mistakes? Why Do People Lie About Network Marketing? Nowdays the internet phenomenon. Everybody...

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