What You Sow is What You Reap

From apple seeds you will never grow kiwi.

What you give is what you get, what you sow is what you reap.

We often compromise and are too conditioned to take some real decisions without being scared or talked out of. We’d rather stay in our comfort zone and “nice and safe” than take responsibility for our lives, our freedom, our life and business goals.isolated-219955_960_720

Today I spoke to a friend of mine, a young lady with a university degree, fluent in two foreign languages and so unhappy at work that her health started to crumble. Typical, I said.

I asked her: “Why, why don’t you change it, try something different, something that you’re passionate about?” And her answer was the same answer as of almost all of my corporal friends, not surprising at all: “it is not so bad, I get some home office, lunch vouchers and extra free days”. Hmmm. Not so bad at all, right?

She is willing to sacrifice her youth and kill off her ambitions just for some days of home office and pretty stable, not guaranteed, salary and job. She carries on with her life as it didn’t matter what job she does, as long as she “goes to work” like any sheep. Complaining day after day that her work sucks, it is boring and unfulfilling. And she doesn’t like nor the job, nor the people she works with. No wonder, if the majority of people in such places aren’t happy, her health is already poor. What vibes in such environments can be? What energy flows in such places? One can only guess. But she is still pretending everything is quite ok, never assuming her own responsibility for it.

“I am not stressed that much”, was the answer. The translation of it is I am very stressed out in fact, but too comfortable to do anything about it. Too scared to leave it, so I stay. I surrendered.

These people don’t look at themselves in the mirror. At their sad faces that are fading and lacking tenacity. They do notice though their health starts suffering, but are putting it down as to a normality. As if everybody is doing so, it is ok for them to do it too. Of course, it is “ok”.


But was it meant to be just ok? Was it meant to be kind of average? When you were a kid with huge dreams, did you dream only about survival or did you have big dreams? And when you applied for university courses, when you started planning your career, did you do it just to get any job after?

Or did you want to have an amazing life and fantastic lifestyle built on your amazing skills and experiences? Have a happy, fulfilling life and be a success?

So why is it ok to settle only for an average, for an Ok-ish now?

What you sow is what you reap. And what are you sowing? Be conscious of seeds you are sowing, as from apple seeds you will never grow kiwi.


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Stanislava Hale
Vždycky som sa “hádzala do vody a merala hĺbku” doslova aj metaforicky. Mám za sebou dlhú cestu v testovaní mojich schopností a viem, že nemám limit, že sa dá dosiahnuť všetko, čo si zaumienim. No a keď to dokážem ja, môžeš to dokázať aj Ty a ešte lepšie. Môj príbeh si prečítajte TU >>

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