Changing Attitude Changes Life

Everybody has a story. And every story can be a lie. You can have someone to tell you their story making you believe it is true, but it could be a different story when told by a person that knows them, told by their friends or a spouse, or their mother.

Everything can be ‘a’ truth as much as a lie. It is about one’s perspective. It is about attitude. And as soon as you change the attitude, the story changes.

If you ask someone to tell you their life’s story, they will not spend another life telling you all the facts, day by day, they will extract the facts they want you to know and how they what their story to look and sound like. They will choose only what suits them. And if you ask someone that knows that person to tell you their version, the story will look different. Just like in the history. It is just some facts put together by an individual or individuals to create a fiction. It is about perspectives.


Changing attitude changes life. Changing the story teller, changes the story.

In fact, you can change your story if you want to change your life. You take a different view on things and just by changing the attitude and perspectives, you visions change. Life is happening for us, not to us. It is not about what happens to us in life, but what lessons we learn from what has happened or is still happening and what we choose to do with it, that makes a difference.

Today I read the story about Kechi Okwuchi, a very talented Nigerian singer, who brought her talent to America’s Got Talent show, to share her music and her story with the world. Kechi was only 16 years old, back in Nigeria and one of only 2 airplane crash survivors of December 2005 which took life of 107 passengers. On board was her best friend as well as 60 other kids from the same school.


And the story that Kechi brought to the show was that when she was lying in hospital bandaged up unable to move or do anything else, music was her only escape. And that’s why it means so much to her. As she was standing there scarred up from all the burns and injuries, she shared her survival story as well as her amazing voice with the world. She showed her strength as how she is dealing with what happened to her. She also had a choice, cry all day and every day over the loss of her friends and her own health, over the hurdles she had to go through and yet has to, or to deal with it in her own way, carry her pain and scars as her battle scars and share her story. The thing is that every time she talks about her own story it helps her to unlock different fases of understanding and gain different perspectives on life.

Her choice was to adopt an attitude of a survivor, not a victim, to pursue every single of her dreams more than ever.

The journey of her self-discovery made her pursue her FREEDOM, explore her true passions, without the burden of some expectations and made her realise if every young person could use their full potential, how the society would thrive. If only everybody got the chance to explore how she did on her journey, one would have a different vision and not trying to pigeonhole her/himself ever again.


It made her that much more determined and that much stronger. That was her choice. To use her story to apply her visions into her life rather than making it an obstacle. No obstacles are too big to her. In every decision she makes she applies FAITH. She is incredibly thankful for the family God gave her like he knew what obstacles she’d have to face one day. And because of them, she knows she doesn’t have to make a decision on her physical appearance. She knows her scars define her and she owes it to her family.

Incredible story by an incredible woman, survivor, inspirational speaker, talented singer and one smart young lady.

She is certainly my kind of hero who shows that by changing attitude you change your story to change your life.


Stanislava Hale

The Freedom Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneur (for reason)

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Stanislava Hale
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