Crypto is the Future

Wow, just had to share Robert Kiyosaki’s email newsletter of this morning… it comes at a time when I am literally wanting to shake those friends of mine who are just sitting there trying to ignore this whole phenomenon, because “it’s just so hard to understand”. But seriously, if I can get my little head around it, anyone can 🤔

Two years ago I got into a whole new world that literally scared the 💩 out of me…it was such completely new territory for me to step into. A year on, everything I have learnt has changed the entire course of my life. This is going to change many lives. It’s redefining community and creating a sharing economy on a global level. Whole communities could create wealth to benefit everyone within it. Towns could easily have the means to support progressive initiatives and support for their residents… IF ONLY PEOPLE WOULD BLOODY WELL LISTEN! So here’s Mr. Kiyosaki’s excerpt:

“Fact: Crypto is the future
It’s not a matter of “If” crypto will take down the entire financial world, it’s just a question of “when.”

You can either get left behind or prepare to become MEGA wealthy.

Let me explain…

Right now, the bond market is about 500 times bigger than the stock market.

And cryptocurrencies are going to replace it all!!! JP Morgan is already experimenting with selling bonds through the cryptocurrencies!!!

Without getting too deep… cryptocurrencies allow contracts to be written that do not require middlemen. These contracts are about to completely replace the bond market.

If you’re in bonds, you better learn all you can about cryptocurrencies… FAST!

Because when the bond market goes down, the world monetary system goes down!

And if you think you’re safe because you’re in stocks, think again… because the damage to stocks will be even BIGGER!

Companies no longer need to list on Wall Street or NASDAQ. Now, companies can create ICO’s.
ICO’s are Initial Coin (cryptocurrency) Offerings. Basically, the same thing as IPOs but with no middlemen and the security of cryptocurrencies.

You’re going to have companies saying each cryptocurrency represents a certain percentage of their company. Why should we go to the stock market if we can get the liquidity now? We can just trade our equity now for the same amount of fundraising with more security and no middlemen fees and charges.

This is a new way to raise money. It’s also a new way to make money. By buying these ICO’s early and coming away with unreal gains.

The banks are shaking in their pants.

And you should be too, if you don’t know how to take advantage of this new opportunity.

You can go back to your cornflakes now.

Or you can register for your free account right here and right now: >>>HERE<<<

Stanislava Hale
Vždycky som sa “hádzala do vody a merala hĺbku” doslova aj metaforicky. Mám za sebou dlhú cestu v testovaní mojich schopností a viem, že nemám limit, že sa dá dosiahnuť všetko, čo si zaumienim. No a keď to dokážem ja, môžeš to dokázať aj Ty a ešte lepšie. Môj príbeh si prečítajte TU >>

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