Don’t Live for a Great Resume

They do it to create a GREAT RESUME that will make an impact. Hm…

They want it pretty. They want it pretty looking so much they are prepared to “waste” there even 2 years before they move on. 2 years is normally the term, believing that’s what it takes to prove somebody their worth. They are ready to kill 2 years of their life copy/pasting as long as they have that nice company name on their resume and after that, most probably, just to go and work for a similar company, where their scope of work won’t shift that much and where they, by then, forget even what university they have attended and especially why. By then they so much get used to such a passive existence, they won’t necessarily want to change it after two years, happily killing the rest of their youth. They get too settled in their comfort zone and bad habits.undefinedI ask them what university and specialisation they have studied and often is the most impressive uni and the most interesting subjects like international affairs with a combination of two or more foreign languages, or philanthropy, or economics… just to join a workforce of copy/paste generation?

What a waste of talent, aspirations, dreams and intelligence.

Before you chose your college or university, was, honestly, this kind of job on your mind to do one day? For a minimum salary with lunch vouchers as a benefit? Or you do it because of somebody else, who gave up his dreams, told you that that’s the only way and you believed? Because if it was, why did you even bother to get all those diplomas, degrees and titles? As “there” you don’t need them. Or, if you didn’t choose it, why are you ready to drop your dreams and don’t continue specialising in the field you are really interested in and make it really happen? You can not possibly settle for being educated, but practically stupid.

Make your whole life great rather than creating a great resume.

Do you ask yourself who is actually judging? And to whom it really matters?? Because if it doesn’t matter to you, nobody else cares either. Because even if you are after working for somebody else and, let’s say you have a well-known company’s name on your resume and 2, 3 or even 5 years of time served, if you lose your imagination, your focus, if you give up on your dreams, you will only end up in the back office doing the same as you were doing now, bored forever.

And vice versa, even if you come somewhere as a newcomer, but you are full of ideas, visions, tenacity, fresh and ready to make a difference, only then you will actually make it. Not for your resume, but for yourself and therefore for everyone else. Only then you’ll be happy, feeling fulfilled and you can really succeed in everything you do.


And certainly, your last worry will be to check upon your resume if it’s looking great. You’ll be too busy creating your life rather than counting months to the updating of your, so called, great resume.

Young people, especially of my geographic area, think about it seriously. What is more important, your resume or your fulfillment and happiness? Is it your resume or your FREEDOM of education, of expression, freedom of choice to do a work you really like and aspired to do? Choose real mentors, choose correct modules to move forward if you feel stuck. Don’t waste your time by thinking only the dates on your resume count. As what really counts is your own business, your own life.

Wake up to the fact you can have it all!

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