From Rome To Bratislava in Three Months

My real-life story.

Stanislava Hale

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    Ebook From Rome To Bratislava in Three Months
    My real-life story how I made a massive change from a stay-at-home mom to three children, living in an Italian countryside to a very business-minded woman and a single parent in Bratislava, all in 3 months, original price Eur 12,50
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    Positive thinking and goal achieving exercise book as a free BONUS

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A heartfelt intimate story full of emotions. Motivating and inspiring is an understatement. It goes sharply to some delicate points without sparing a breath. The author set a high standard and it fully met every expectation. I look forward to the next!
Marta Alexandrou
Stania, you are full of energy and inspiration. You are strong and you bring goodness into the world. Messages from your book are inspiring and powerful. Thank You for sharing, Writing & arts are for self-expression, healing, inspiration and they bring clarity into our life. I love being the: Star of Your Own Movie. Love and blessings to You dear.
Alisa Poplavskaya