Everything Has an Expiry Date.

Everything has an expiry date. Everything comes to an end, in the end. So don’t take yourself too seriously.

Today is another day. What seemed important yesterday has been dissolved in the night. It doesn’t seem as important anymore. Today is another chapter and new things get the crown of importance and priority.

Everything has an expiry date.

It wasn’t long ago when on Sundays I used to start feeling uneasy. The more the day progressed the more I started feeling stressed and pissed off. Not only because my weekend was coming to an end, but because the Monday was approaching and with it the return to the office where I would be greeted with fake smiles and good mornings from my colleagues and superiors and their even more fake Monday huddles to discuss…, well, how to politely call it, shit. Sometimes it took us even good hour or two discussing “it” and everybody had to pretend it is not “it” or get the bad eyeing from our team leader followed by unpleasant email or even an invitation to a “one to one” meeting where we’d be told off for inappropriate behaviour and a bad energy or a bad influence on our fellow colleagues. Who needed that?

So on Sundays, I wasn’t dreading the return to my job as such (J.O.B.= just over broke), but the same theatrical performance of ass licking and fake praises I had to put on in order to shake some people off my back, or face the consequences if otherwise.

Yes, today it seems utterly ridiculous that I would even consider doing that just to keep them happy. But I did it sometimes, yes. It was easier than a constant reminder that I should start looking for a J.O.B. elsewhere. And the elsewhere wasn’t on my cards. I preferred to resist for as long as possible while building my own business in my spare time and kept playing the obedient role in the meantime, which as it showed in the end, it took its toll on my nerves anyway. How would that “elsewhere” differ from where I was now? I didn’t have time to waste my time anymore. My only objective was to build my business as fast as possible and free myself in the end for good.

Everything has an expiry date. Everything comes to an end, in the end. Nothing lasts forever, good or bad.

And if I learned one thing from my experience, it is that one. Not to take problems too seriously. Not to take anything and anyone, especially myself, too seriously. Tomorrow is another day, and then yet another. What matters today won’t matter tomorrow. Everyone makes one’s own mistakes. It is not just me or just you… everyone. It is only that who is better at covering it, who approaches life with an attitude to rather demean others in order to look more adequate or who fakes it all the way no matter what.

So don’t take life too seriously. If you are in schooling and hate it, don’t worry, you won’t be there forever, your job is only a job, if you don’t like it, change it, why to waste your time and hazard with your time or health? If you dislike the place you live in or friends you have, there is a whole world out there, go and make new friends, try new things.

Everything has an expiry date and you can’t change the fact, but you can bring the expiry date closer of the things you don’t like in your life and remind yourself that you can start a new chapter at any time.



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Stanislava Hale
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