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A few days ago I caught up with a small group of laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs in Cyprus. I was invited to see them in real action, get some 1:2:1 training, some tips and see them in real life to experience for myself what being laptop lifestyle entrepreneur really is all about.

And it wasn’t a surprise to see them busy, balancing between the time to work and time to enjoy themselves. And in between you get on with normal life, go grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and planning. Yes, I guess the good planning was the key to success. Knowing the priorities, committing to work and being focused on results. Only then you can be away, in such nice place as Cyprus or anywhere in the world really and even whole year round, should you wish, as long as you stick to your plans and stay committed all the way through.

Being laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs you still have work to do and sometimes a lot of it, but if you plan your day properly, you can enjoy the day almost like a holidaymaker. Or you can allocate days for work and days for pure pleasures.

It was good to see them in real action and see that deep down they are ordinary people with everyday struggles and challenges like everyone else, the only difference was in their mindset and priorities.

And we still went out to enjoy the sea in the afternoons or in the evenings to enjoy lovely meals by the coast, had nice drinks in tavernas of those cute villages around, or just a simple talks by the pool or terrace. Not to mention a day committed to a boat trip around the coast and party only 😉 Well, that’s what life of an entrepreneur is all about, no? Good life/work balance. The laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs’ way.

Seems ordinary? Well, I see the beauty in simplicity. I see the happiness as an inner feeling, a decision, not a destination. I love the freedom of choice the laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs have, the freedom of place to work, freedom of time.

And seeing laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs in action confirmed all my expectations and beliefs.




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