Friday is a Little Saturday

He used to say it…

Martin was 30 years old. Young tenacious man, a loving father to his 2-year-old daughter, a husband, a brother, a son… and a great colleagues, a gardener in our complex. Always with a big smile and little jokes ready to deliver to his mates. Every Friday he would stop and chat with our receptionist, trying to ease the pain of a loooong week and remind her that: Friday is a little Saturday, looking forward to being fully present with his young family, enjoying his little girl and having some free time finally.
Sometimes he had to work on Saturdays too, to earn extra money like many young fathers do. But last Saturday was different. While he was working on a faulty electrics, he got an electric strike and that was it… In a split second, everything changed. Martin was killed…
“Friday is a little Saturday” is something our receptionist and his direct colleagues will never hear him say again and something he’ll be remembered for forever. And although I never knew Martin personally, he touched my heart and his “Friday is a little Saturday” is going to hunt me probably for a long time.
A big inspiration to me without ever meeting him in person. Incredible. It made me really pause and reflect on how our lives can change in a moment and how important it is to live a life fully every minute.
How many people go on working long weeks looking forward to a weekend, just like Martin was? Waiting 5 days to be happy 2.
And Saturday did come, but he didn’t come home anymore and never will come back to his wife and family. And his daughter will never know her father.
A stupid accident that caused him his life. He surely deserved better.
No mercy. No more chances. No more time…
More than ever I am happy for the chance I got to start building my own online business and money making machine, for the ability to make bold decision to go solo on my entrepreneurial journey to chase my dreams of freedom from employment, having my freedom of time and place to work and not waiting only for “Friday”. More than ever I now understand that all I gave up to become an entrepreneur, made sense and was worth every evening after work spend learning and building, every single investment, every give-up. More than ever I am grateful for the internet and modern technology to enable me to do it, to connect with the like-minded people for a support and direction. Only a few years ago all of that wouldn’t have been possible to do. To take a laptop and work from anywhere, anytime. Now it is! All we need to do is to find the nearest WiFi connection and bring our laptops. Business set. Ready to go. And mainly:
Rest in peace, Martin, you will be hugely missed. You are an inspiration and your “Friday is a little Saturday” is now my Big Motivation.


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