When Getting Rich is a Taboo Topic

Getting rich is still a taboo topic in our society.

You tell someone you want to get rich or even super rich and they think of you as crazy and greedy. Getting rich or having lot’s of money is still considered as something negative, something we should not talk about. While whining and complaining about our misery is totally fine.

People would tell you rich people have no real life perspectives and getting rich will strip you off a good character you have now, well, automatically assumed you do.

People will tell you that having lot’s of money will not bring you happiness, but these people usually never had enough money for themselves to know otherwise anyway. And as much as the money won’t really bring you happiness, nor does being poor.

Often people despise rich people while they love showing sympathy to poor.

Getting rich is not only possible, it is our responsibility. Being poor and staying broke is selfish. 

When you are rich you can help a lot of people, while when you are poor, you often can hardly provide for yourself. Many people expect help and feel like the world owes them something and must help them. Poor people will give you any excuse to why they are poor rather than stand up to it and take action. Taking action requires courage, discomfort and commitment. It calls for a change. Something not everyone is prepared to do.

People would tell you that they don’t need to be rich, just comfortable. But what is it being comfortable? What is it really being rich? How much money is enough? Who decides what is worth what?

The reality is most of us have incorrect knowledge about money from our upbringing. We inherited beliefs of the poor, the middle class and rich. And we are stuck with it.

“If you are going to be unhappy, be as rich as possible”

(Grand Cardone)

Financial freedom is partially mental, partially mechanical. You need to get your mental part right first. That means getting rid of old beliefs and acquire the new habits. Start retraining your brain to get your finance under control before it controls you.

Wealth does not discriminate. You can’t be too young or too old for it.

Although the getting rich topic is a taboo in our society, make a getting rich your priority and your future will thank you for it.

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