Go After Whatever You Want, There Are NO Rules.

Go after whatever you want in life, there are no rules.

Everything in life has a neutral form. Nothing is either good or bad. Negative or positive. You can see the glass half full as well as half empty. We were born with free will and we have a faculty of choice. We have the privilege and freedom of choice. You can really go after whatever you want in life.

People go on their whole life wishing to become someone else, wishing to have a different life,  have different jobs, different relationships or friends. Some of them see only the things that want to get in life, some will only see the things that prevent them from getting it. No matter what the circumstances, those that only see the things that want to achieve, will start to plan how to get them and find the way. They will re-invent themselves as many times as they need. They will find resources and stay focused until they achieve whatever they want.

Those that see the things that prevent them from getting it will always find only excuses. They will give themselves a list of things that impede and hinder them from doing or getting what they want and rather stay in their comfort zone than change the attitude. They will never live to their full potential, happy and fulfilled.

Which one do you want to be?

The rule is there are no rules!

You can go after whatever you want!

You can dream any dream you want.

You can become anybody you want, have any desires and achieve any goals as long as long as you respect others. As long as you don’t walk over other people’s rights and deny anyone else what they want to get.

There are no rules. You don’t have to wait your turn, then again. When is your turn? Who is to give you a permission on how to live your life? You don’t have to stand and wait in the line, you don’t have to wait for anyone to give you a blessing. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, you don’t have to follow anybody’s rules, if you don’t like them, you change them. You don’t have to do it the way everyone else is doing it, you can do it your own way.

Set your own path and invent your own rules.

You can do anything in your life. You can achieve anything you want. Go after it and watch how it all starts beautifully unfolding in front of you. Decide on what you want, start taking action and sustain until you attain it. Life is about freedom and only you make your choices. Will you see the things you want or will you see the things they prevent you from getting them?

Go after whatever you want in life, there are no rules really!

To live free and in freedom is the only rule worth respecting.

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Stanislava Hale
Vždycky som sa “hádzala do vody a merala hĺbku” doslova aj metaforicky. Mám za sebou dlhú cestu v testovaní mojich schopností a viem, že nemám limit, že sa dá dosiahnuť všetko, čo si zaumienim. No a keď to dokážem ja, môžeš to dokázať aj Ty a ešte lepšie. Môj príbeh si prečítajte TU >>

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