Gold as Perfect Gift

Gold as perfect gift yesterday, today and always.

It’s my son’s 20th birthday today. I normally ask my kids now what would they like me to get for them, as you know, fussy teenagers 😀 Though I know the answer already prior to asking. “Mami, don’t buy me a thing, I never wear clothes you bought me in last years, I never wear the cologne you bought me, Mami, you have no taste!!” Nice, thank you very much 😀 , so kind of them, him or his younger siblings, the same story. So I stopped fighting. 

“Just give me money” is the answer whether for birthday or Xmas. I guess that’s fair enough and safe enough, plus almost effortless for me.

But, not anymore.

I didn’t buy him a present and I didn’t give him any money either. I bought him GOLD despite his mild objections. Because I see the value in it and am trying to imply the same on my kids. I want them to be aware and educated about their financial future, savings and investments. That’s why the gold is, in my opinion, the safest option as a present for them at this stage. And that’s what they are going to get from me, and everyone else too, now. Whether as a birthday, wedding, baptism, communion, anniversary or any other gift. They are getting Gold as Perfect Gift and an ideal gift in my opinion.

Another great thing about buying him gold is I am earning a direct commission on it as it is through the company I promote and system I directly sponsor. A win-win situation. Why should I support other business if I can do my own? Helping myself by helping him or others. And at the moment he gets free crypto tokens with every 0.1 gram of cash gold he gets or buys himself, plus I also get some percentage of the limited free crypto tokens too, which, in the near future, adding them up, I am going to make a decent ROI and so he or anyone else doing the same will. Yes, he is my affiliate already, that’s the condition for getting free crypto tokens. And I am his direct sponsor. Obviously. That’s the beauty of a Pay Yourself First Business. 

Do I make any sense now why I buy and present GOLD and only gold? Why I promote my gold business? I want to be financially independent as much as I want my children and people around me financially independent too. A 50 euro present won’t change my life or my son’s life, but 50 euro wisely invested now will change our life in the future.

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The Future is Bright, The Future is Karatbars GOLDen!!!




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