I am an Investor

Aren’t you? Surely you are too. And this is a reason why I think you are probably too.

I am an investor. Although I don’t sit on exchange and watch the stock market, I don’t buy cheap lands or properties around the word to develop, I don’t wait for bitcoins to go down to start buying them and, despite it all,  it still makes me an investor. I still invest. How? I invest in my future. I invest in me.  I invest in life in balance. I invest in WEALTH.

Gold, crypto backed by gold

It is impossible to do generally well, if we don’t keep our life in balance. If some aspects of our life suffer and we choose to ignore the signs to fix, thinking that indulging in other things will make it go away or compensate for it, we are wrong. Soon we’ll notice that everything starts falling apart. All things are connected in life. Everything compliments each other. We will only feel successful when we have our life in balance. And that’s what makes me an investor. I invest in life in balance. 

Well-being and Health. I invest in my health and well-being as much as I can within my means. Enjoy a home-made cuisine, outdoor sport, leisure and stick to healthy habits which I acquired already in my childhood, thanks to my conscious parents and grandparents. And now I am applying the same process on my children. That makes me an investor again, I invest in my health and well-being and the same of my children.

Education. I invest in my education. We should never stop learning and educating ourselves after our high schools or universities, but carry on all our lives. Brain is a muscle, needs to be trained and kept in shape. What we don’t use, we’ll lose, including brains. So I invest in my education to stay on top of happening. To stay flexible and open when new opportunities appear. Simply, to be ready and comprehensive. And the same I apply on my kids, fairly so. Doesn’t that make me an investor again and again??

Assets. I invest in protecting my assets by buying gold. I do also buy cryptocurrency to increase my assets. I consider gold a real investment and assets’ protector. I invest also in cryptocurrency backed by gold to multiply my assets and have means to do my future projects. Only this process would make me an investor, right? But, by a real investor, I still mean something else…

Love. I invest in love. We can do anything, but unless we have loved ones to support us on our journey, unless we have someone to share our struggles, failures and our success stories, simply nothing will matter. 

Time. You can’t buy time. And I don’t have time to waste my time. So I stopped worrying about what others think or do. I do my best and that’s the best I can do. I choose wisely how I spend my time, who with and what is worthwhile. 

Happiness. I invest a lot in my happiness. In doing things I love and make me feel good. In all that busy-ness, struggles and chasing my tail, I do allocate time just for myself. A time to breathe, reflect, remember who I am, where I am going and reasons why.

So I am an investor, I invest in my WEALTH, which is Well-being and Health, Education, Assets, Love, Time and Happiness. And if you are not doing the same yet, you should seriously start considering it.

Time waste for nobody!



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Stanislava Hale
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