Indulging in Misery

Life’s too short to feel like crap.

Why so many people around us prefer indulging in misery instead of taking action towards a better future?

You might be at a “good job”, but you don’t love it and you think it’d be too risky to just walk away. While knowing you deserve better. Maybe you know you’re capable of running your own business, but you can’t get over the “mental barriers” holding you back. You are the first to pass judgment when somebody else tries and fails. Somebody else’s failure confirms your fears & doubts. While when somebody tries and become a success, you believe he was only a lucky one.

You might remain in bad relationship just for the sake of it, meeting same old friends you don’t care that much about anyway, eating the same rubbish over and over. Bored with your life, bored with your friends, the same old gossip, the same old stories, the same old places, same old shit… but you blame it on a “normal being”, just like everyone else. In a hindsight you know this is not the way forward but remain indulging in your misery together with your like-minded friends and family anyway.

I want you to know something, it’s not your fault really.

You were probably taught by your parents or your teachers about “how the world works”,  so you don’t know you can change it on your own. And that “clever advice” they gave you might be holding you back (it is).

But deep down inside you KNOW you’re capable of breaking through to the next level.

Deep down all you want is to go from “doing well” to a “well off”.

If you’ve ever felt like this it’s perfectly normal and you’re not the only one. And while it is perfectly normal, it is again only YOU who can break through and overrule the old and obsolete ways.

You can start by making a little change at a time, break that one little bad habit at the time. Just a tiny little step at a time.

Clear the clutter!

It all starts with being willing to leave your comfort zone, overcome your laziness and start prioritising. Realise you become an average of 5 people you mostly hang up with. What does it mean? Choose wisely who you let into your environment, choose only those you inspire you, not expire you. Choose wisely your activities that fill up your day. Do rather useful few to trivial many. It will be hard to at the beginning, but it will get easier with practice. Get rid of everything and everyone that is no longer serving you to reach your higher potential.

To get to the next level is not only possible, but it’s your birthright too. Insist on getting the best and be ready to seize the opportunity.

TAKE ACTION and take action now! Because your life is your business, Because your life matters.

Indulging in misery is easy and for losers.

WAKE UP to feel real freedom, don’t postpone it any longer. The clock is ticking.




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Stanislava Hale
Vždycky som sa “hádzala do vody a merala hĺbku” doslova aj metaforicky. Mám za sebou dlhú cestu v testovaní mojich schopností a viem, že nemám limit, že sa dá dosiahnuť všetko, čo si zaumienim. No a keď to dokážem ja, môžeš to dokázať aj Ty a ešte lepšie. Môj príbeh si prečítajte TU >>

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