Job Interview with Corporations

Why do you want to join our company?

A must question asked at any job interview with corporations. Why did you choose our company? A tricky question to be ready for.

Job interview with a corporation can be important, but it can be intimidating, or theatrical, a show, an ego boost, or just a regular HR visit to practice your social skills or nerves too.

I need salary, stable place for a while, you know, a warm place to hide somewhere where I won’t need to think much, and where I get lunch vouchers, maybe a laptop to use for personal purposes as mine at home just broke” is not the answer THEY wanna hear. But that’s the truth.

I really don’t care what corporation I’ll be slaving for, what open space I’ll be sitting in and on what floor. Computer jobs are more-less the same in any company so I won’t fuss about which one much, whichever hires me first, really 😀

So how do you answer when you try not to lie?

Well, I like the name, it sounds good, it will look good on my resume’, if I ever want to continue being hired by someone else and try to impress again. Like “you see? If I was good enough for them, I must be good enough for you, logically; or if I proved I can be ‘loyal’ to them for 2 years, I should be able to do the same with you”.

I like the fact you are in town centre, could also be a part of the answer, and therefore going for lunch is more fun in town centre than in some industrial estate with no choice of restaurants. And your indoor kitchens are well equipped, they have all types of mugs and it gives me something to think about when I come to make myself a cup of tea, 5th one today, never mind, the company pays for it. Or, I like the fact you offer home office after a trial period, so I can stay at home and do as I please, leave a mouse on auto connect and take a nap, sleep out yesterday’s hangover, or pop in to shops to grab some new shoes in 50% off sales while I continue pretending being online. Well, it is important to stay online, they might check if you are.

Also, I hear and like the fact, you offer higher price lunch vouchers than others, also 100% sick cover, which is handy if I plan a longer holiday. However, very attractive package, which is almost identical to other corporation packages, so it makes no difference to me who hires me to tap into PC copy/pasting and spam email boxes, should I be really honest with you. But please, you hire me, going for an interview is tiring, pretending and talking rubbish also. And I need to get this job, I need a change.

And not the least, I know if I show I can use excel, I might get a promotion. Not right away, though, only if I pretend enough I like my Team Leader and certain key colleagues, aspiring. Inviting him/her to lunch and show interest in her exciting life, which is never as exciting as mine, no way it can be, should do the trick.

So before you attend any job interview with a corporation, be ready to have a good answer for “why do you want to join this company??”

…and good luck…




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