Life of a Modern Mom, In My Case a Single One

I am a young and energetic woman, a Mom to my 3 children and I have many dreams and ambitions.

Life of a Modern Mom, In My Case a Single One

I work for an international company where I could make a thundering career, I would also love to write that I have a husband, loving relationship and a rich social life, but I don’t, no time for that.

My husband and the father of our three children wrapped it in for his own personal reasons, leaving me to carry on alone. And as for the social life, there’s simply no time. I do not mean go for a drink from time to time with friends or colleagues, but for me, such an activity is not a social life, it is only a quick fix for the moment.


The most important thing that is missing from my life is TIME.

It seems to me that I do everything fast, quickly. Get up early in the morning, making quickly school snacks for children, if I didn’t prepare them the night before, and I would only do them if I had a time or wasn’t too tired. Quickly get ready for work, quickly make sure kids are ready for school, quickly catch the bus as I cannot afford the car, even though I work for a reputable company, full time and doing everything that is expected of me, and quickly.

At work practically whole day, with hardly any time for a quiet long coffee, sometimes I eat quickly at my desktop, often it is 6 pm when I go quickly home, quickly grab some essential shopping, cook dinner, clean up, put the washing on and do various chores with such speed that I don’t even have time to listen to my children, ask them how was their day, what did they do or would they like to do, because again, I need to go to sleep and quickly. It’s late, the day’s GONE.

Comes the weekend. Stani, you will relax. Yes, of course. On Saturday morning I wake up early, because after a week-long adrenaline-fueled week I could not even sleep well. Tired as a cat I don’t know where to start, whether to clean up or cook, or wash, or do grocery shopping, because the fridge is chronically empty. There is so much dust everywhere that you can start drawing into it. And if I manage the marathon of domestic activities, maybe tomorrow I’ll have some energy and perhaps even some spare time to do something enjoyable or go out somewhere nice, perhaps.

I wonder what am I doing wrong if I don’t have money nor time???

After all, I work, I have a good and fairly well-paid job. I have a good money management and I don’t spend unnecessarily anywhere. No luxuries. I just exchange my precious time for money. I don’t earn, I only trade it. If I don’t change this pattern, nothing will change. I will be forever in this “cage”. No, even that cage is not guaranteed, because my “good job” where all I do is tapping into my computer all day long, may no longer exist tomorrow and I will have to adapt to the new offers on the market and try to sell myself and my time differently. Will I be able to make it? Will I still be able to “sell” myself? And for how long? And when will I start to live my only life, and when will I have TIME to pursue my own dreams???

Or not. Or I will turn it around. I will start to offer my services, knowledge, skills and my particular life experiences, simply my existence, differently. I am a unique person. There isn’t anyone like me anywhere else, perhaps just as well.

So, how do I want to live? What can I offer? What do I do so effortlessly and well that if this happens to be my job, it will not feel like a work anymore, it’ll be my hobby at the same time?

I spent a long time on the internet, really long hours, sometimes just waiting if something speaks to me. I was looking for inspirations, I used to educate myself and I continue doing so, especially in self-development field and online business. I needed to clear my head and find a way. I wanted to discover myself properly. To work out what is it that I really want, what can I offer to this world, how my life should be, what I don’t need, and how to eliminate such trash. Where to go, what do I have to do to make it possible???

I know that my current job was purely my temporary employment until I work it all out or invent something better. That my job gives me the means to survive until I reach the point of realising where I really want to be and do what really entertains me, makes sense in my life and it is to the benefit of other people. My job is to provide me and my children, but I still mustn’t allow to anchor in the comfort zone and abandon my dreams by working in my current job only and forever. But continue to work on myself until I work things out.

And I did.

It was last Christmas when I got a book “Do Your Business from the Beach” by a Czech author. I don’t remember ordering it for about 3 euro on the internet. I liked the title so I clicked to buy. Then I totally forgot about it. But when I received it in the post I understood it was the best Xmas gift ever in which I ever indulged because I knew this wasn’t just a book to read and someone else’s story, but it carried out a message I was looking for and where it will lead me in my future. To my own business of entrepreneurship from the beach.

And everything that happened after is already MY STORY.

I’m on the new path that I will happily share with you because I want to inspire you all, all those stressed-out moms (and dads of course), who deserve to take their time off and spend it on their own terms. Not only to work, earn and go home in the evening too tired to have any time to enjoy. It wasn’t meant to be that way, right??

It’s my new hope that I will not end up in a heap of stressed-out women and mothers who never had time for their children, let alone for themselves.

So thanks to my new motivators I recently came across I realized it is possible for me too to start my own path of building my own “enterprise from the beach”. No boundaries finally. That I also can start fulfilling my dreams and go for my goals, all of them and big ones. Or just have more time for being a normal mummy. I started following their business modules that accelerate my journey to become my own boss although I am not an online expert. Their networks offer a very unique opportunity for the beginners as well as for those who have already their existing brands but want to expand online, like myself. Their supportive and transparent attitude help me, and I believe can help you too, to see new horizons, endless opportunities and perspectives with the right mindset and finally start enjoying FREEDOM.

I am on my journey of pursuing my every single dream. Something I could not do in a full-time employment. Living my life on my own terms, being self-sufficient and my own boss.

Of course, like everything in life, there are no guarantees. You are the only one you can rely on and all depends on your commitment and your own input.

What and how you do it, it’ll be returned to you exactly in the same measure. Simple math, no??

So, are you ready for a new challenge and are you quite curious if it really works? I can only guarantee one thing that dreams do come true. But it’s up to you how strongly you want them, how strongly you believe in them and what you are prepared to sacrifice to achieve them. Whether you are willing to jump right in and start to pursue them straight away, or whether you leave your dreams on the pillow in the morning.

Anyway, check out this link. Viewing it doesn’t cost a dime.

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