Marketing with Integrity

This is dedicated to all the (struggling) affiliates and not only, to all who want to become Internet Marketers but are put off by a “bad fashion”.

Marketing with integrity means marketing with heart.

How do you find your own voice in all the internet marketing overwhelm? How do you choose what is right for your own business, for your creation or project without feeding the beast?

Yes, the gurus will feed you with anything just to make you buy their products. They will create any confusion just to keep you in need. The best customer is the confused consumer. They will invent any shady strategies, just to keep you in awe. And push any shiny objects under your nose just to keep you interested.

That’s why internet marketing does not work for everyone and so many give up far too soon and lose their hard earned savings. Or at least it takes some time till you know how to plough through all the information and tools. Till you know what webinars are not a complete waste of time by someone/anyone trying to pitch you yet more tools or programs you don’t even need. I have been there, I wear a Tshirt and I myself have lost hundreds of hours and thousands of $$ on being easily fooled.

So only who endures through hard lessons, stays true to their values and doesn’t fall for any promise or trick, will be successful. Only those who work with integrity, stay true to themselves and will find the way how to wisely choose from what works for their business, will make it.

I love learning, improving, discovering new opportunities and trying new strategies, but I just don’t like feeling being patronised. I never appreciated “gurus” telling me I have not done enough when they didn’t know how much I put into it. Maybe not enough in their opinion, because they were operating on a different level already, but certainly nobody knew my background of studies, preparation and within what possibilities and timelines. I didn’t appreciate their constant comments as “how comes you haven’t done that yet?” Well, if I knew how and what I could have improved, I would have. It would certainly be in my own interest first of all. Right? It’s their job to teach me, to show me the way, to help me grow. In the end, I pay them for it.

We are all generals after the war has ended.

Simply, if you want to be successful generally whether online or offline, don’t fall for any shortcuts or for any shiny object. Stay true to your values. Don’t you ever ever stray, it never pays off anyway. Work with integrity, intuition and mainly with your heart. People will soon distinguish between a pretender and a real person trying to earn a decent way by offering real value. Then again, it’s how you would like to be treated and what you’d expect from others too.

A road to success can take some time. It can’t be measured or compared with others. Be patient and always stay true to yourself.

Do real Marketing with Integrity.



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Stanislava Hale
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