The Future is Bright, The Future is GOLD

 Holding physical GOLD is one of the smart ways to protect your assets, wealth and savings. Every successful entrepreneur knows the value of GOLD and importance of saving in GOLD.

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Life Cards

Lifecards are shrink-wrapped with a certificate, which results in a bank card format and is delivered in this manner. This packaging combined with a unique 3-D effect of the hologram, gives the gold bars their extraordinary design. Lifecard gold bars are not only gold bars, but they are frequently bought as a fascinating and distinctive present and are becoming increasingly popular. Lifecards are actually available in a 0,1 gram size.
The Lifecard differ from ordinary gold bars. At the front they are embossed with the fineness and weight of the gold bars. In addition Lifecards are equipped with the inscription "fine gold" and a assayer's mark and a melting mark and additonally with a blacklight marker and the Goldbar itself with an unvisable DNA marker as well.
The clear advantage with Lifecards lies in the ability of resale. With the all the named security feautures and the contained gold, which is exclusively produced by suppliers and refineries, that are LBMA certified, we offer our customers a product with high level security .

GOLD is for everyone and yours forever.

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in cooperation with selected partners, offers extremely exciting products. In addition to completing our own academy our customers have the possibility to manifest their dream of financial freedom.


V999 platform

V999 platform in conjunction with FB Universe, your digital gold asset.

Welcome to the FB UNIVERSE Ltd. way of working.

We are an international powerhouse of affiliate marketing partners, who are constantly growing and selling a vast array of innovative products across five continents.

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Importance of saving in GOLD

Do you like gold? Not on your neck, but in your savings.

Do you have a financial plan for next 5, 10 or 20 years? Are you saving in gold? Do you understand the value of gold, the importance of saving in gold and having a saving gold account to protect your assets and future?

Gold is everlasting, it’s been around for 5000 years and it has been the world’s currency for 3000 years. 

Gold in small denomination will secure one’s financials, something paper will never be able to provide.

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Don't leave empty handed. Your future matters. Protect your assets.