Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, of course, it is!

Just like everything has a pyramid shape, every business is a pyramid, every structure, even in any religion, is a pyramid. So is the Network Marketing a pyramid scheme.

So why people consider Network Marketing a pyramid scheme and what is a pyramid scheme to you?

A classic pyramid scheme business to me is where you have a CEO, the main idea behind the business, then you have investors, top managers, regional managers, supervisors and down to employees, cleaners and temporary stuff.

CEO obviously gets the biggest stake and decides on the salaries of every other person in his company depending on their ranks.

What is your chance to become only a Team Leader from the position of a regular employee?? Well, the chance is good, sometimes it takes 2 years, but often even 5 years. Then from a position of TL to a 1st line manager? Wow, that’s a challenge. Not only it takes many years, but some ass-licking on the way, getting used to everyday humiliation as a part of your position performing pointless tasks while pretending they are worthwhile. And the higher you get, the more they own you, the more you are expected to become a slave to your salary and rank.

That’s from my personal experience…

A church? You have Pope (bishop), after Patriarchs, Major Archbishops, Cardinals, Primates, Metropolitans, Archbishops, Diocesan bishops… and all the way to Vicars Forane or Deans, Pastors and assistants. Pyramid? Sure it is!

A family? My grandma’ was the boss, she ruled, even my mom was scared of her.

And now let’s look at the Network Marketing. You also start from the bottom, but even that is not a must or a strict rule. Depends on your marketing skills, on a network you join, you can even start directly as a PRO or VIP member (equivalent to manager rank) and immediately positioning yourself as a high earner and therefore your commissions are unlimited. Unlike your monthly wages with any corporate. Your progress within a company will depend on you, yourself. You don’t have anyone above you approving your rise, nobody decides the speed of your progress or puts limits on your earnings. Although you start in your sponsor’s team, you build your own team at the same time, whose results and earnings depend purely on your skills and efforts. The better you work, the faster you become your own independent CEO, while you build your own brand.

Now back to any employment. What is your chance of becoming a CEO?? Or even a highly ranked manager? Almost zero or very low, right? Very right.

So is the Network Marketing a pyramid scheme? Yes, everything is and Network Marketing is not excluded. But, at least, Network Marketing is the only one where you actually have the opportunity to reach the TOP and fast. And even though the Network Marketing isn’t perfect, it is certainly better

And if I can do it, you can do it too, and even better!



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