Or You Are Growing Or You Are Dying

Or you are growing or you are dying isn’t only a strong statement to reflect on, it’s simply a fact.

Unless you create a strong business plan possibly with a strong team and push for bold goals that make you continuously improve and grow, you are dying practically.

Feeling stuck is a temporary state. It is a signal you need to do something. A signal you need to TAKE ACTION. If you feel stuck, you know you need to grow. Or you are growing or you are dying. Your mind, body and soul operate on a system of signals. It is how you know what you need to do.

If you are thirsty, you need a drink. If you are hungry, you need food and you know where and how to find it. And if you feel stuck, you need to GROW. So follow the same system. Grab a special book, search for a youtube video series, start an art course. a language course or learn a new handicraft… Anything that takes you out of “stuck” mode. Simply, start taking action.

Your heart and soul need growth to carry on. Whether that is in a relationship, in a job, in the town you live in or with your friends. Feeling stuck equals being bored and it results in wanting to move onto the next level towards your higher potential.

Have Large and Bold Goals and Adopt Growth Culture

Growth usually feels scary, it requires deeper thinking and continuous learning and investment. It requires constantly weighing and considering new opportunities, additional costs and especially stepping into the unknown. However,  you face even bigger risk by not taking any actions and remaining in your comfort zone. The bigger risk is always not taking any risks at all.

Still, there are no guarantees of getting to where you want to go. But you in your personal life or with your business will have a larger chance of succeeding if you have a growth culture in place anyway. Growth culture will lead you to develop and grow as a person and as a result, your company will grow and will, therefore, create additional growth opportunities. Once you have bold goals and adopt growth culture, you will find yourself in a state of continuous growth and development and there will be no way back.

Simply, “Or you’re growing or you’re dying”

Having a growth mindset and pushing for big goals creates an environment of continuous growth and improvement.



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