So a positive mental attitude was the first I had to work on.

The day I was back on track was when I started owning my own mistakes. Yes, I made mistakes, so what the hell. I made some terrible decisions, I failed over and over, but I was ready to acknowledge and accept them.

Yes, I was in a wrong job,

Yes, I was in a wrong relationship,

Yes, my financial situation wasn’t great,

And yes, my health and fitness weren’t great either…

I noticed my blames and faults started consuming me. I realised that acknowledging them followed by accepting them was to be the first step towards owning and being again in control of my life.

Being in a victim mode would only keep me aback. I told myself: Step up, face them and start taking action, start taking responsibility for your own life, because nobody else will or even should. The moment you do that is the moment your life will start changing in an instant. Start accepting your mistakes. They are part of your life and they are there to teach you lessons. And instead of mistakes call them lessons. Torturing yourself over it would not make it any better nor would change anything either.

Are you having a hard time? It is only a rough journey towards unfolding something beautiful.

Are things going wrong today? It can’t be Christmas every day, you need to understand the bad to appreciate the good. You need to see the wrong to recognise the right.

So when you change the attitude, everything changes. When you re-evaluate the situation, you’ll find positive in everything. Just by changing approach, your life changes.

Tough times are there to make us stronger and more resistant. To make us see we are not centered, that we want something that isn’t there. Our job is to feel that, hear that and know that. And if we are not listening to it, we get taken off track. We might fall or fail, but there are no wrongs in it, just lessons to remind us we need to get back and continue on our path. Losses are there to wake us up, just as our mother used to say: fool, I told you so! 😀

When you understand that you don’t allow yourself to be completely thrown by one bad grade, or one moment, one circumstance, you are a winner. Your life is bigger than that one moment or that one experience.

You are owning your life.

So RELAX. The way through the challenge is to ask yourself what is the next step. And what’s the next and the next… You don’t need to see it all the way through, only that one step ahead. Just like the car when driving through the night. All it needs to see is the next hundred meters ahead and then next.

Hopefully you see now how acquiring the right MINDSET can change your life. Blames and resentments are useless wasters of energy, the energy that could be channeled to finding a solution and healing. Adversities are there to teach us lessons. You will understand now how your past excuses were only a curtain to hide behind.

Taking responsibility means to rise up tall and claim your power, claim your life.

Having the right mindset will free you and improve the quality of your life. Practicing mindfulness will make you acquire new strong habits to eventually get rid of negativity altogether, to stay focused on your goals and on how to achieve all your life’s dreams, to live your life to your full potential, the one you always wanted and deserve.

If I can do it, you can do it too, yet even better.

Relax and enjoy the journey towards your FREEDOM.


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Stanislava Hale
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