Portable Business

A business I can take with me wherever I go.

My Portable Business.

And that’s the beauty of having an online business. I don’t ever abandon it, my business becomes ME, I can run it from my living room as well as it can travel with me wherever I go. As long as I find an internet connection, I am in business. Once set up it works for me on autopilot 24/7. I can stay in touch with latest messages and news anywhere I am and eliminate the stress of “what will I find upon my come back from my holiday”, like I used to do in my standard job. Then again, I don’t have to work and just enjoy the moment with a peace of mind. My business is in my pocket (or in my handbag).

I can still perfectly imagine how it was when I worked in the office. In such environments nobody really does exactly as their other colleagues, plus nobody really knows what the other person does sometimes anyway. So it is hard to delegate your task onto someone else, not that the other person is less competent, it is simply time and energy consuming to explain the reason for your existence and salary to the other person, often even impossible. Well, often even the person him/herself doesn’t understand it either 😀

As a result, when you return from your holiday what you find is a total mess. If anything had been done, you’ll need to redo it anyway with an apology and explanation to the interested party as per why, which practically becomes your first couple of days only job with high priority requiring a double effort and time followed by a mile long unanswered emails found in your inbox. Or, the second and the better option, nothing of your work had been touched in your absence and off you go, your first few days in the office, after the return, will be veeeeery looong with no compensation plan, just in case it crossed your mind.

I used to leave for holidays still with a thought “what have I forgot to do prior leaving my office at 9pm trying to finish everything I could and leave the least for my colleagues who will cover for me while I dare to take holiday” or/and “I will still need to connect with someone in the office as soon as we land to give them further instruction or they will screw up (or screw me up)”. And it would take me good first 2 days before I was able to stop thinking about my miserable J.O.B. and start relaxing, and still, the same miserable job would steal the last two days of my well deserved holiday when the stress of returning to it started hitting in already.

Not with my home-based, but Portable Business at the same time, anymore. It can travel with me without obligations, without a need of an attention, it is totally flexible. My portable business gives me a total freedom of place. I am no longer feeling guilty for abandoning it or worried about what will I find upon my return and if I’d be ever able to catch up. I can just breathe and enjoy the moment of the place I find myself in.

I love my PORTABLE BUSINESS and the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. And by having it I finally found a perfect balance between my work and my private life. And I don’t think any other business than internet business can do just that.

And here is my additional helper that travels with me literally, tiny little chip that does a big job.

To find out how it works for me, click the link or ask me 🙂



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