Responsibility For Freedom of Choice

Everybody wants to be free, have more freedom of choice and freedom to make their own decisions.


Not everyone realises that the moment you make a decision, the only accountable and responsible for it is YOU! All responsibility for freedom of choice is on you. And that’s why not everyone is ready to take upon such responsibility.

Freedom is a privilege. It is the ability to make daily choices in all aspects of our life.

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And while we have freedom of speech, religion, expression, or press etc.. the real freedom that we crave is more lifestyle driven.

Being there for our children to see them grow up, have time to play with them, guide them, to talk to them or share same hobbies.

Being able to invest in ourselves, in keeping fit, travelling, meeting with friends and spending more time with friends and family. Simply having more time for our passions.

Well, especially when you start having children and family, you realise how precious time is. That the most valuable thing is time on which you cannot put a price tag on.

Time is a luxury, time is an irreplaceable asset.


A priceless lifestyle for me is not material, it is not the things money can buy, but time away from the office and cubicle, deadlines and nuisance colleagues, time with my family, being able to invest in my kids’ future, having more influence over my kids, and being a part of their lives and greater purpose.

When you start thinking about creating an online business, a digital lifestyle, the main reason is not only to have freedom for yourself, it is not only about the money. It is about creating a lifestyle or earning more, working less and enjoying life.

To truly achieve this, means taking full responsibility for freedom of choice. And that has to be in place before the money comes. The money is a necessary tool living in society, but freedom starts with simple principles to get your mind right so you can truly achieve this concept.

And that kind of freedom is not for everyone. Not everyone is prepared to take a responsibility for making choices and taking decisions. It is much more comfortable to execute somebody else’s decisions, trade time for money in other words, than to take responsibility and accountability.

Well, that’s our choice. Our privilege.


What about you? Are you ready to take that responsibility? Do you really want more freedom, more time and money and are you ready to commit to it?

Responsibility for freedom of choice is your decision. Make sure it’s a wise and your own one.

Stanislava Hale



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Stanislava Hale
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