Single Parent and Entrepreneurship? Boldly!

Do you think entrepreneurship and being a single parent isn’t a good match?

Who said the entrepreneurship is not for single parents? Being a single parent, a single mom in my case, and trying to succeed in online business doesn’t feel right? Being a single parent and entrepreneurship is too risky???

Well, to me, what really feels risky, is being a single mom of three kids, working full time on somebody else’s business, running around, feeling like a racehorse, being always stressed and tired, having no time nor money for yourself, kids or hobbies and never even attempt to try succeeding in my own business, in doing what I really love. That’s what feels risky to me.

But what it takes to have your own voice, to build your online business while being a single parent? What it really takes to succeed and become financially free? To have freedom of time and place? Is it really possible for a single parent, while providing for the children and having those extra responsibilities, to become a successful entrepreneur?

I don’t know if it is like for any single parent. I just knew I had to try it for myself! I was done with working for somebody else, done with being broke no matter how hard I worked, done with feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and tired of a nuisance management in the corporate world where I worked. But mainly, I actually never felt like my work made any sense, like it was serving anybody, like it made any difference to this world. I wanted to be of value, I wanted a work that somebody else would actually benefit from. I wanted to touch peoples’ hearts with my work and not necessarily only single parents’. I wanted to bring value and inspiration to peoples’ lives. I had to try an entrepreneurship, and not only try but to commit to it, do whatever it takes, to make my mission of it. That was my personal promise to myself.

But first I had to work on my mindset. I had to get rid of my old beliefs and habits. Bringing old into the new would be a suicide.

I started looking beyond all the noise and confusion, beyond the dumb advice of family and friends, television, blogs, get-rich articles, beyond all pretenders on Facebook or Instagram or silly little quotes or sayings.

Everybody wants to seem smart while giving you advice on something they are not themselves. I needed to find the qualities within myself and not worry about what “they” were saying, like, for example, that being very emotional as I am, does not belong to the business world. That as a vulnerable single parent, emotional, chaotic or anything that especially femininity can bring, could be my weakness and a damage to any business. That to become an entrepreneur it takes hard balls, huge ego with “no emotions, no feelings and “no mercy” attitude.

I would challenge anyone who thinks the same. I understood that being sensitive, compassionate, emotional and warm-hearted are the characteristics and qualities to be used as our strong tools in any successful business, not only in an online one. A huge percentage of the population are single parents nowadays. And these parents hardly want to hear only about superheroes and about how everybody else is better than them and unless you have a huge family support and some initial capital, you can not go solo. The truth is, you can! There has never been a better time to start your own business even if you don’t have a huge budget or much time available to build it.

I can tell you, despite being an emotional single parent and with limited means, you can start your own business and succeed. I can tell you, that exactly for that reason, being a single parent is my strength, not my weakness, that I build my business on my emotions and circumstances and am proud of it. It is really OK to be a mom to three, four… kids and still dream about independence, career and freedom.

Yes, it did feel strange and unbelievable to be exposed at the beginnings. It felt like I was taking my clothes off in front of strangers. I felt vulnerable and slightly embarrassed talking about my private life, my weaknesses, my children, a failed marriage, bad choices of careers or any failures and fears. (And there were so many) It wasn’t something I felt immediately comfortable with. But I over-passed it. I decided to concentrate on people whom my stories can help or inspire rather than annoy or bore. And with this main thought on my mind, I started learning, building my content and expanding my business by a day. Focusing on people that I can help became my fuel. Even my emotional side and weaknesses followed and became my energy.

It is OK to feel unsure or overwhelmed at the beginning. There is a lot to learn every day and take care of. Attaining new habits takes time. But slowly new things become your second nature and you will start to do them automatically. It is OK to admit you could do with help, find good business mentors and mastermind with them. It is OK to start your own business or change your life regardless of your age, circumstances or family status.

(Yes, the family status which is still a mandatory field in some application forms. How odd…)

I am proud to be a single parent and entrepreneur at the same time, it makes me who I am. It is my trademark now and I am making the most of it. I bring emotions and intuition into my business and I actually very much hope the emotions can be felt strongly in my work. As long as I feel every emotion that there is I know I am alive and I use them to guide me in my life instead of trying to suppress them or control me.

Being a single parent, emotional as I am, I am still building my online business and nobody can talk me out of it. And I’ll use all my single parent tools, skills and experiences to be of value, to help others, be successful and help others to succeed too. And that’s my goal, my mission… that’s my business.



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