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I am Stanislava Hale and I don’t have time to waste my time!

Hi all,

I am Stanislava from Bratislava, (I know it sounds funny) in Slovakia, I am reaching out to people to promote Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle. Something, that gives me a flexibility of time and place of work and it can give you too.

The idea of having my own Online Business was born when I woke up to realise that working a full time on somebody else’s dream isn’t the best I can do. I had my own dreams and goals and needed a portable and flexible business on my own.

The community of Freedom Laptop Lifestyle was created to help people with their Online or offline Business, whether to set it up from the beginning, learn various online marketing skills or to help them expand their existing one already and achieve a 'Laptop Lifestyle'. To bring awareness of mindfulness and self-improvement to as many people as possible and to unite like-minded people with brainstorming, encouragement, inspiration and support.

I love showing people how it is possible not to live somebody else's dream and stay in the line just because others do, and this is my mission.


I used to live abroad for many years, in the UK and later in Italy, travelled across and whenever I can, I go back to visit my friends and good old neighbours. I love the sea, big fat sun, good food, especially seafood served in any trattorias on the Mediterranean coast. And course, washed down by nice red wine, a lot of it actually :-))

I love travelling generally, love meeting interesting people from different backgrounds, love studying languages and their dialects. Travelling gives me freedom and wisdom like nothing else.

I love art and dance of any form, but not just to watch, I find dancing gives me such freedom of expression and movement, it should be made mandatory! I also love swimming in lakes or seas where again I experience a sense of FREEDOM and connection with nature. 
There is so much to love and to experience and so much to see and do, the only luxury is TIME.

My three children are my main motivators. They teach me to love, respect, to have patience, to be simple, a good cook too and them having all three different personalities and characters mixed with my eastern slovakian temperament, house used to get pretty noisy at times. They drain my energy, but they also energise me. They keep me alive, awake and on the move. Life has a sense, has a purpose, but there's still so much to accomplish.

If you are in a similar situation when you found yourself a bit lost, bored or want to redirect your life, why don't you try the same program that helped me. I am confident it can help you as it helped me. I see my future brighter now with my new paradigms, hopes and attitude. I am always ready for new challenges and I am so looking forward to starting helping you with yours. 

Bless and Thank you


Feel free to check my BLOG and also SHARE it with your friends. Thank you


Ebook From Rome To Bratislava in Three Months

My real-life story how I made a massive change from a stay-at-home mom to three children, living in an Italian countryside, to a very business-like woman and a single parent in Bratislava, all in 3 months.

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Enjoy it!

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