I am Stanislava Hale and I don't have time to waste my time, do you???



Hi all,


I am Stanislava Hale and I don’t have time to waste my time!


I recently decided to start my own blog, writing e-books and trying to inspire other people on how to be brave and go for the change they desire, based all on my own experience, but I got stuck with writing when I realised I was stuck myself at this stage of my life too and needed to work out how to get from point A to point B myself first and fast before I could help others. And searching brought me right here :-), to the SFM community.


I used to live in the UK, Reading precisely (hi Stuart) and later in Italy, near Rome and whenever I can, I go back to visit my friends and good old neighbours. I love the sea, big fat sun, good seafood served in any trattorias on the italian or french coast. Of course, washed down by nice wine, a lot of it actually :-))


I love travelling generally, love meeting interesting people from different backgrounds, I love studying languages and their dialects and my next language to learn will definitely be French (apart from English, Italian, Russian), I love dancing, swimming and any activities or sports related to water, then figure skating, gymnastics etc, not to forget the Ice Hockey and yet so many other things.


And now I am, and would love to encourage you to join the SFM too, learning and using the SFM/DEA business modules to support my online business in order to give up my current employment that is draining all my energy and time and just fully concentrate on my own stuff and gain my FREEDOM, have more time for my children and myself, I'm after achieving all my life's goals and most importantly, I'm after starting living and enjoying every single moment of my life (I'm done with waiting for the weekend only)


Huge respect to the SFM founders Stuart and Jay and all the dedicated team of mentors, a great support and honestly, I am so excited and happy to be on my new journey with YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the amazing community full of many fabulous, inspiring and successful people.!!!


Bless 🙂 🙂 🙂


For more inspiring stories or ideas feel free to get in touch with me