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KBC or KCB, either way, act now, your future matters! If you wish you bought Bitcoins at their starting price a few years ago, STOP right here! It’s in the past and now to buy 1BTC would cost you over Eur 9000.If you wish you bought KBC at their ICO price, which was 0.005c, STOP...

Crypto is the Future

Wow, just had to share Robert Kiyosaki’s email newsletter of this morning… it comes at a time when I am literally wanting to shake those friends of mine who are just sitting there trying to ignore this whole phenomenon, because “it’s just so hard to understand”. But seriously, if I can get my little head...

Business Options with Karatbars

What are your financial objectives for the future? Check out your business options with Karatbars, the company’s position, present, future, and YOUR possible future. KARATBARS position: Not only going strong in last 8 years as International Gold Company, but massively expanding Specialising in production and sales of gold in small increments #1 in their category worldwide (145+ countries)...

Take Bold Decisions

The Way Forward in Life is to Take Bold Decisions. I never liked Sundays, but even more, I disliked Mondays… Mondays were the reminders I needed to take bold decisions if I wanted to change my life! 6 am, I get up with my kids to prepare their snacks to take to school with them,...

Don’t Live for a Great Resume

Why is to create an effective, impactful or simply great resume more important to you than creating a great life and bright future? I often talked to young people at work, about their aspirations, future plans, about the choice of work, or just simply about why they chose such job and how do they get...

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