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The Hidden Cause of Your Deepest, Darkest Fears

Every human has fears. In fact, it’s perfectly healthy to be scared sometimes. Tens of thousands of years ago, fear was the only thing that kept us alive. When our ancestors were being chased down by a saber-toothed tiger it was FEAR that told them to run for their lives! But nowadays we don’t have...

Why Learn New Skills?

To change your life it’s indispensable to learn new skills. Find the reason WHY and when your reason why is big enough, nothing will stop you from achieving what you want. You will be willing to learn new skills, absorb them easily and pursue your goals and dreams till they become your everyday reality. There were so...


A life where everybody wants to waste your time, everybody wants to rule your mind. WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE There’s no turning back now. Welcome to your life. The world wants to keep your ego comfy and safe by offering you the mould to fit into. The world will even help you decide on which one. The...

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