Štítek: Dreams

The Moment You Stop Dreaming…

The Moment You Stop Dreaming is The Moment You Lose Purpose. The biggest mistake we do is not dreaming big enough! When I was little on my first day at school our teacher asked us who we wanted to be when we grow up. My answer was ‘a princess’. My dream ‘job’ was to be...

Go After Whatever You Want, There Are NO Rules.

Go after whatever you want in life, there are no rules. Everything in life has a neutral form. Nothing is either good or bad. Negative or positive. You can see the glass half full as well as half empty. We were born with free will and we have a faculty of choice. We have the privilege...

Rebuilding your “Home after an Earthquake”

You had a dream… Now you are rebuilding your “Home after an Earthquake”… To live in a big and beautiful house with a person you love. You have been building it for years now, decorate it with nice furniture, accessories, every time you add some nice fresh flowers into your vases that send beautiful essence...

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