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Indulging in Misery

Life’s too short to feel like crap. Why so many people around us prefer indulging in misery instead of taking action towards a better future? You might be at a “good job”, but you don’t love it and you think it’d be too risky to just walk away. While knowing you deserve better. Maybe you know you’re...

Single Mom and Entrepreneurship?

Who said the entrepreneurship is not for a single mom? Do you think business and motherhood don’t match? Being a single mom, a woman and trying to succeed in online business doesn’t feel right? Being a single mom and entrepreneurship is too risky??? Well, the only thing that doesn’t feel right and is really risky is being...

Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle

Why wouldn’t anyone like to have Freedom with Laptop Lifestyle? In the world where everybody has got a laptop and almost everywhere you go you find an internet connection, living a laptop lifestyle would seem like an obvious choice, right? Almost everybody is computer literate or if not really, there are online courses now for less...

Price for Living Your Life

You are here for reason! For living your life. Give yourself a permission to live your own life and pay a price for living your life.  Don’t search for defining moments because they are already right here and right now. Sometimes our insecurities or inexperience embrace other people’s expectation, standards or values. But we can...

Single Mom Entrepreneur

Does being a Single Mom Entrepreneur trying her entrepreneurship in the digital world look right?   Business and motherhood don’t match? Being a single mom, a woman and trying to succeed in the digital world doesn’t feel right? Do I need to be a man in a skirt to be successful? Can a vulnerable woman...

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