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Your Work Your Passion

When your work becomes your passion or your passion is your work?? I work hard on my Online Business, I really do. I dedicate many hours a day to it and to some it might seem like it makes no difference to having a 9-5 (6) job. To some, who don’t know the difference, but...

Even if You Have a Ferrari…

Even if you have a Ferrari, with a flat tyre, it won’t take you anywhere. All your four tyres need to be in perfect shape and balance in order to deliver. Our life is like a car, it needs to be in perfect balance too, if you want to have a happy and fulfilling one, if you...

From Rome to Bratislava

From Rome to Bratislava, towards finding my freedom and fulfilling my dreams. I have just opened fifth champagne. (The fifth!! That was five years ago?) Five years since I had decided to go my own way, to free myself from an idea that my marriage is beautiful. Five years since I said that it is the prime time to do...

The Art of Happiness and Fulfillment

HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL and FULFILLED. From the young age we are taught many things. How to eat, sit, walk, talk, behave in given situations, how to respond, what and how to dress, even what and how to study, etc. We go to school and we are taught some many different subjects, languages, mathematics, science, biology and...

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