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Who is Online Marketing Business for?

Every business is about people, for the people and to the people. So is Online Marketing Business. Daily I receive questions as to what is my business all about. If it’s some kind of a dodgy pyramid scheme where I would have to recruit people, or more like how quickly did I get rich and...


If internet marketing was easy, everyone would do it. There is a lot of misleading about internet marketing. People are trying to sell you anything and convince you of a deal of the century. Pretend happy and abundant lifestyle while surviving only just and on somebody else’s promise. They talk about financial freedom in “Tomorrow’s land” where...

Indulging in Misery

Life’s too short to feel like crap. Why so many people around us prefer indulging in misery instead of taking action towards a better future? You might be at a “good job”, but you don’t love it and you think it’d be too risky to just walk away. While knowing you deserve better. Maybe you know you’re...

SAN-tastic NEWS!!

Successful entrepreneurs have the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. Without the right mindset, nothing happens. 2 reasons: 1. They understand that it’s an INVESTMENT, not an expense… And they know that in time, it’ll come back ten fold. 2. They know that it’s actually a STEAL for what it is. To be successful in business, you have to...

It is Impossible to Please POOR MINDS

POOR MINDS HAVE THINGS IN COMMON   JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER “It is impossible to please POOR MINDS” – give them something for FREE, and they’ll think it’s a TRAP. – tell them it’s a small investment, they’ll say they will not win a lot. – tell them to invest in their mind, they’ll respond...

Mastermind to Create Your Future

Learn how to mastermind your mindset to have control over your life. Want to move forward in your life but with old habits? With your old mindset? You are not going anywhere. You are wasting your time. Unless you are ready to suspend old beliefs and master your mind, unless you get your ego under control...

Work From Home Job Opportunity

Having a work from home job doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it can certainly be an option for many people. Having an opportunity to be finally able to quit the job with a corporation I never liked anyway, to go and build my work from home job, was certainly a redemption for me. And not only because...

Growing Together, Growing Apart

We can be Growing together, but we can be growing apart too. Why are growing together, growing apart?   We fall in love and fall out of love. How is it possible that yesterday we loved and adored each other, today we don’t talk. Lost the respect, lost the interest in one another, lost our love....

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