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The day you OWN YOUR LIFE, good and bad, is the day You will feel FREE. Everything in LIFE IS ON YOU! Own your life! Good and bad. Taking a full responsibility for everything happening in your life will completely empower you. And my FREEDOM is everything to me! Taking responsibility is not about attributing...

Today Could Be The Day I Die

If today was the day you were going to die, what would you feel? Today could be the day I die… Regretful of not having done enough, or proud of your achievements, of leaving it all out on the field? That you used your life to the full? That you took your best shot? Would...

The Art of Kindness

Kindness is a virtue, a quality that is within all of us. Everyone is born with it, but not everyone keeps practicing it later in life or, at least, not enough of it. The Art of Kindness. As we grow we become more and more selfish and self-centred and being kind to one another with no...

Rules of Failure

Rules of Failure and Fear. Fast, Forward, Frequently. I have three children and I often think that they are teaching me more than they learn from me. For every parent, observing the child from the moment is born, is an extraordinary experience, a miracle of life. As a mother you can even anticipate baby’s character already in your womb....

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