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Listen to Your Heart

The way to hear the true calling is to listen to your heart. When you listen to your heart, you will hear the voice from within you. And if you follow it, you will live the life you were always meant to. Start listening to what is it that warms up your heart, what your heart...

Life is Gift and Time is Luxury

The need to travel is for whom has a need to know the truth about life. I love traveling and I don’t mean only going on a long summer seaside holiday. Even more I am attracted to a spontaneous break without any expectations and even if totally alone. I do that anytime I have the...

Your Work Your Passion

When your work becomes your passion or your passion is your work?? I work hard on my Online Business, I really do. I dedicate many hours a day to it and to some it might seem like it makes no difference to having a 9-5 (6) job. To some, who don’t know the difference, but...

I am Too Much

Yes, I am. I am too much indeed. I’ve been called already everything. From hyperactive, crazy, party animal, workaholic, mad, adventurous, indomitable, attention seeker, too distracted, too energetic, too confident, wild… I’ve been given so many labels already I stopped counting. In the end, I am it all, I do admit. If I laugh, I...

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