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Single Parent and Entrepreneurship? Boldly!

Do you think entrepreneurship and being a single parent isn’t a good match? Who said the entrepreneurship is not for single parents? Being a single parent, a single mom in my case, and trying to succeed in online business doesn’t feel right? Being a single parent and entrepreneurship is too risky??? Well, to me, what...

Single Mom-Hood From my Perception

Single Mom-Hood From my Perception? If I tell someone I am a single mom and of three teenagers, people don’t know whether to feel sorry for me or keep away from me, in case I’d asked them a favour, in case they were automatically expected to help, just because, they think, I am worse off....

Life of a Modern Mom, In My Case a Single One

I am a young and energetic woman, a Mom to my 3 children and I have many dreams and ambitions. Life of a Modern Mom, In My Case a Single One I work for an international company where I could make a thundering career, I would also love to write that I have a husband,...

From Rome to Bratislava

From Rome to Bratislava, towards finding my freedom and fulfilling my dreams. I have just opened fifth champagne. (The fifth!! That was five years ago?) Five years since I had decided to go my own way, to free myself from an idea that my marriage is beautiful. Five years since I said that it is the prime time to do...

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