Take Bold Decisions

The Way Forward in Life is to Take Bold Decisions.

I never liked Sundays, but even more, I disliked Mondays… Mondays were the reminders I needed to take bold decisions if I wanted to change my life!

6 am, I get up with my kids to prepare their snacks to take to school with them, half asleep yet, do the usual necessary choirs.
Through the door I hear a small child crying, being dragged by his parents at 7 am to a nursery, so that his parents can go and “slave” probably to one of the corporate company that our city is full of. That child is crying every morning, every day at 7 am, every morning the same dreadful cry of this sleepy little child that has no idea why life has to be this hard on him.
It reminds me of my childhood really when my mom used to wake me up at 6. I still remember freezing cold Skoda 120, frozen windows in winter (and it seemed like it was always winter) and my father scraping only just enough to see the road. Usually, like 10×10 cm. Even that little tiny place started freezing as soon as we drove off, him trying to breathe warm breath on it and rub it with his hand.
This morning’s encounter that I witness every morning also made me very thankful I didn’t have to put my children through the same, thankful that I and their father made certain, at the time very out of ordinary, decisions.
We were really sick and tired spinning our wheels, working long hours, long days and even weekend, just to get by, just to pay mortgage and bills and money seemed to come and go anyway, leaving us empty before the next paycheck.
So one day we just decided to quit it all, our careers, our house, our life in the UK and move to a rural part of Italy. With no one to run to, no one to support, advice or guide us. It was a BOLD decision, but it was the only way to do it, simply to dive into it and learn to swim after. And it paid off.
There is no other way when you want to change your life than to take bold decisions and start making the first steps towards your goal. No need to see the whole way, not even possible to see it all, just take that first step! and then another and another…
How is your Monday? Happy to be back with the workforce? On the crowded public transport or are you still sitting in the traffic? Are you maybe already in the office, trying to avoid everyone still miserable making themselves coffee and looking rather shabby and tired? Have you ever asked yourself why don’t people come to the office relaxed and refreshed on Mondays after having the whole weekend to rest? Maybe, or most definitely, are there other places they would much rather be and things they would much rather do??
Probably. But they got stuck in their comfort zone. And they rather go through another week doing the same old shit than taking accountability and responsibility for their own life and happiness. Much much easier and comfortable.
Can you imagine yourself working from the comfort of your home or any nice place really? Just try it for a moment. Feel the feeling… ask yourself what’s stopping you? And now give yourself all the reasons why you deserve a better and easier life, life, that is so short and not worth wasting our time…
If I could do it, so can you… and even better! And that’s a promise.

Life is not just about money. It’s about the lifestyle of earning more, working less and enjoying life.

Life is about FREEDOM of reaching your goals. About taking some bold decisions. And not about tiptoeing through our lives hoping to come to grave sound and well.

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Stanislava Hale
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