Today Could Be The Day I Die

If today was the day you were going to die, what would you feel?

Today could be the day I die…

Regretful of not having done enough, or proud of your achievements, of leaving it all out on the field? That you used your life to the full? That you took your best shot?

Would you be happy with yourself?

Over the Xmas period and just prior to it I came to face some horrible encounters. One of my daughter’s dear school friends was hit by a police car on the bus stop by and the injuries were so extreme, he died 8 days after being in a coma the whole time. Although his heart was strong being an athlete, a talented ice hockey player, in the end, he passed away, the day after his 14th birthday.

When he left home on the day of the accident for his regular hockey training, nobody could ever imagine it was the last time he said goodbye to his mom and dad, that they would never hug him again or tell him how much they loved him or were proud of him. The sadness overwhelmed not only his direct family, relatives and school, but every household of a person that knew him indirectly too, like mine. To be as young as my daughter and already deal with such loss, was heartbreaking to watch and live through.

The day before Xmas our family friend and well-known eye surgeon also died, of cancer, age 56. No need to mention the loss of one the world’s best artist George Michael, dying also so young, leaving everyone who loved and followed him and his work all those years, who like myself grew up with Wham, fell in love with George and loved him ever since, very very sad indeed.

Death does not discriminate and many of us don’t get it. We take our time here for granted. We think we don’t need to do anything today and that we can waste our chances. But today could always be the day we die.

I personally don’t want to be the person who could have, should have done more. I don’t want to be the one who wished to have become somebody else but feared it or just didn’t try it. I constantly ask myself: “Have you today used it all, have you loved enough, given enough, learned enough, helped enough or became enough?”

I am afraid of meeting The Maker one day and telling him I haven’t.

I don’t wanna say: “oh, my gosh, I owe someone an apology or money or I never said someone “I loved you” when I had a chance… I’d feel like I wasted my time.

Fear of it is my great motivator, I put the fear behind me and I turn it rather into fuel to push me forward. And when many people around me look at me as taking too many risks, I tend to risk more, if they say I shouldn’t do it, I am even more determined to do it, where they feel comfortable, I want to feel challenged.

I tend to do what others won’t so I get what others want. I’d rather be prepared for an opportunity even if it doesn’t come than have an opportunity and not be prepared. I’d be really pissed off with myself.

When I’m “there” one day, I want to say: “what a great journey!, I am proud of myself, of my trials, of my bruises, my tribulations, the bangs, the highs, the lows, what an experience it has been”.


So I am making a commitment for 2017, a promise to myself:

to LOVE myself more, to make myself PROUD and prouder, to treat myself with RESPECT I deserve and PERFORM at the highest levels.

With this binding committing of loving myself more, I will accept myself with all my faults, I promise to keep trying to be a better person and never give up on myself even if I fall, I will respect myself more and always. As I am a good person who is as much a go-giver as a go-getter, because I am ENOUGH.

And I promise myself to achieve anything I set myself to achieve, as I know it’s possible!

Thanks to my mentors I have this confidence today, I know how to pursue my dreams and not be scared of unknown. How to set my goals and stick to the action plan, insist and persist. Thanks to their wonderful platforms that I now follow I know it accelerates my journey to a fulfilled life with a better version of myself. And I believe they could help you too to live today, love today and forgive today.

No more wasting time, money can buy anything, but TIME or FREEDOM.



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