Transparency in Online Marketing

(This article I put together after a very interesting open facebook discussion by marketers from various groups and networks, different backgrounds and levels about transparency in online marketing in which I obviously gladly participated and contributed.)

Is Online Marketing a real deal?

Is Transparency in Online Marketing missing?

How do you recognise a genuine program or business module and obtain a Learn, Grow, Teach formula in Online Marketing when there are so many opportunities out there?

I believe, that if I or anyone learns something they feel is worth value, we have almost an obligation to share it with the world. It doesn’t matter where we learned it. If it might enrich other people’s lives, surely it is a positive thing. A leader is someone who LEARNS,  GROWS and then TEACHES others.

We invest the same time and money learning everything from INDEPENDENT teachers. Those whose main agenda is to help us get real results. Those who do not hide from us the multitude of other opportunities available online. Those who do not have a multi-million dollar commercial entity to run and support…

I myself have been in a state of confusion and frustrating when the training with my previous network, for which I was paying a hefty $$ monthly and $$$$ yearly, had not met my needs. I was really sick and tired of constantly spinning my wheels in a perpetual state of overwhelm with my Online Business doing all the possible and impossible and saw no results. 

That’s when I decided to migrate to another training company who have taken the time to build a relationship with me and are providing me with everything that I was missing from my previous network. And believe me, the difference in value is huge and for a fraction of the price, which DOES matter!! It’s not about the state of mind or relationship with money that one had to change. It’s a practical fact and getting the right training company for our needs that will teach us to build our businesses.

I had been with my previous network for many months and have well educated myself. I was being resourceful, hardworking and applying my new lessons DAILY! Still, no matter what I did, no results. I always felt like there was something missing, like they were hiding something from me. And every time I questioned them, they would avoid the answers or blame it on my mindset.

I believe that real leaders and teachers take full responsibility for the success of their students. If their students fail, they understand their teaching or system failed them. I see that now with my own business, with my followers. If I take them under my roof, I give them one to one treatment, full and tailored like support and receive their constructive honest feedback with thanks! Simply, I treat them the way I wanted and still would like to be treated and approached. Period!

Some networks have much to learn and much to change and develop in their training packages to meet the needs of their students. Afterall we are the people that buy their packages and pay for their modules. Many are NOT being transparent and keep you in a state of confusion, waiting to see if they will teach and deliver what you need!!! 

In this online age it is more than ever vitally important that we are fully transparent throughout all of our dealings. Investing our money and time in new opportunities and possibly leaving behind our job to do so is a MASSIVE decision and impacts our lives greatly. If what we need to learn and apply can be obtained with less investment of our valuable resources, and potentially yield quicker results, while being delivered in a more understandable and appropriate way for us individually, then this should be made free for all to know.

In fact, it is our duty to do this whenever possible if we are to operate with integrity towards our fellow humans. All of us have the right to make our own, informed decisions, and not to be diverted from potentially greater opportunities in order to serve one’s interest. True success and happiness are things that we are all worthy of and the means of achieving them online are many and varied. We are all in this together and as such are in a position of responsibility to support and encourage each other’s growth and success, independent of where it is found.

Life and business marketing is but a part of life, is a process in evolution.

If something does not work, if something failed or was not successful, no matter how we call it, we are defeated only if we give up completely.

Adapting to the situation, learning a different approach, fine-tuning the plan, is more important than sticking to a way where one is no longer comfortable in or one can no longer sustain.

If one can afford and is comfortable in paying $$$ per month plus the yearly fees, to “appreciate somebody’s greatness or almost their almighty” (or just paying for their kind existence) then fair enough, by all means, they are free to do so. The key word here is “sustain”. How long until one can reap some financial rewards using just this approach is dependent on a lot of factors including time, capital and some luck…

My intention with this article is to simply open the eyes of others so that they may be given the chance to look beyond of what they may currently understand about Internet marketing and see if they really grow in the process. We all are becoming leaders in our own right, and this means standing up for our truth and taking full responsibility for who we are, what we say and what we do. We must have all the information available so that we can make the very best decisions.

The show must go on, so it does! But there is no doubt we can learn a lot from many different channels.



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