Travelling is a Soul Healing

Travelling to the places you have never been before is a soul healing.

You might have prepared your bucket list with all the places you want to visit, your hundred plus destinations to go to, the fancy places people talk about or the things to do that everyone is doing. Travelling is a soul healing, but only if you are open for real exploration and not fall for any fashion.

From time to time the real experience we gain is when we are being spontaneous. When we are not scared to take quick decisions and go places without a plan. Sometimes the ideas are by people that enter our lives without an announcement that show us new doors. And those meetings may change our lives forever. The curiosity and the will to know and explore more. To know the truth.

Such occasions don’t come by chance. Such occasions are the answers to our soul-searching. And when they appear, grab them. Go and do something extraordinary, out of the list, out of the box. Your life might take a different direction from that moment. It may and will change your perspectives and very likely even the rest of your bucket list.

And that’s how the universe answers our prayers. By placing new doors in front of us for us to enter. You will surprise yourself and maybe even shock others by your choices. By the lessons you’ll learn, by the experiences you gain which will be to treasure. And why? Because you didn’t have big expectations perhaps. Because you took a spontaneous decision without being influenced by opinions of others, you followed your heart. Because you surprised yourself and decided to explore a different side of yourself!

You’ll find that everywhere you go people are approachable and kind. That they have the same everyday struggles as you. You’ll find that they are equally helpful and take pride to show you their customs and heritage in every part of the world you go.

Such travel and exploration will open your eyes, change your general perspectives, reduce or completely get rid of prejudice and will leave you first speechless, then will turn you into a storyteller.

Travel, go places, explore, gain experience, feed your soul with stories and then use all of that to better your life and lives of people around you by being a witness of humanity.

This is what happens to me when I get the chance to travel to places I wouldn’t choose normally. I tend to not expect much and therefore everything gets exciting. Even things like taking a car and just driving around without a map. Like walking around town and choosing a restaurant by its own charm, not by a tourist guidance. It might not be the best place in town, but it will be my own personal experience to tell. And I find that I keep falling in love over and over. With new places, with life. And when I come back home, I am a new, revived and enriched person eager for another adventure.

Like I am right now…

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Stanislava Hale
Vždycky som sa “hádzala do vody a merala hĺbku” doslova aj metaforicky. Mám za sebou dlhú cestu v testovaní mojich schopností a viem, že nemám limit, že sa dá dosiahnuť všetko, čo si zaumienim. No a keď to dokážem ja, môžeš to dokázať aj Ty a ešte lepšie. Môj príbeh si prečítajte TU >>

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