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Who loves to travel, loves life.

Visiting new places you find there is so much love everywhere. You find people are kind and ready to give you a piece of themselves anywhere you go. That people appreciate and honour the interest you show towards learning about their heritage. Everyone’s experience is unique, but the best is your own one. Travelling is the way of discovering the truth about life, is the way of finding our true selves, is the way of learning and getting enriched and feel connected. People are kind everywhere you go. There is no shortage of kindness, generosity, love or respect.

It’s a been a while since I wanted to write about one of my wonderful experiences from my visits to Barcelona last month. One casual afternoon with my best friend and with no further plans for special sightseeings walking behind the famous La Rambla little streets we were drawn towards a shop window of a store that looked like it was about to be open to service, but not quite yet still in work-in-process mode curious to see what was this store preparing and will be all about. When out of nowhere the store owner opened the door for us and invited us in.

At first we felt like nosy old ladies caught nosing about other people’s business. But when the store manager walked towards us with a huge smile, open arms and warm-heartedly offered to gives us a guided tour around this beautiful and lovingly restored to its original antique shape Liquor and Wine showroom, we knew we were for another amazing experience of our lives and we knew we were very blessed indeed. Not only because I am a fine wine lover and love antique buildings that hide a lot of history and are full of characters, I mainly appreciated how these strange people took us in and with pride of their project were willing to spend their time to show us around and not expecting anything in return. Simply for the sake of love and passion for their job and their legacy.

Obviously, we left with a nice selection of bio wines to taste at home and was it lovely? You can only guess! But mainly we left the store humbled from what had just happened. Trying to get to terms with these people’s genuine passion ready to share with strangers.

So I take this opportunity to THANK the lady that made us feel at home and for her passion for life that was mesmerizing and contagious. The wine was lovely and we will surely re-visit you very soon.



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Stanislava Hale
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