Unleash the Greatness Inside of You

Only you can unleash the greatness inside of you or continue playing small.


You have a choice.  

We become an average of five people we mostly hang out with. 

Choose your friends wisely. They’re going to bring you up, or they will pull you down. 

The best way to grow is to surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do one day or you can stay where you are. You can unleash the greatness inside of you, that everyone has within them, only with positive, like-minded people who constantly learn.

If you surround yourself with people with excellence, that excellence is gonna rub off on you. Attract it, set things in motion, be hungry. Seek out any opportunity to spend time with people who bring incredible value. Engage with them, seek out the knowledge from people that are more successful, skillful, powerful, influential to gain some insights. Be their servant if you must, be of value, of service to help them with their mission. It will be a valuable lesson you will learn to become like them.

Earn your way to be with unbelievably productive people changing peoples’ lives to change yours.

Bad associations in life happen automatically, they are like weeds in the garden.

Good ones only happen by effort, hard work, focus and determination.

Negative persons are destructive, they will be always complaining and blaming, they will wanna chip away at your self-confidence. Keep such people as far as possible. Don’t hang out as much with people who procrastinate, who are lazy, full of excuses why things are not working for them. You can not afford to sacrifice your life, your mission in life in order to keep them happy!

Pull the weed. Pull the plug. Cut the cord. Restrain from them.

Some people will grow with you, some people will not, it doesn’t mean you left them behind, it just means that you grow and they don’t, they stayed.

Your contribution to this world is more important than appeasing somebody’s negative influence and you can not afford to give up on your dreams and play small.

Surround yourself with greatness, with a positivity, with learners, people that are growing, that constantly remind you that you have greatness inside of you. Stop playing small!!!

See a bigger picture, have a vision! 

It is your choice. Whether to see a bigger picture, to have a great vision, whether you want to unleash the greatness inside of you, become a great influence and of a value to this world, or just a consumer and stay in your comfort zone for other peoples’ sake.

Start eliminating negative people, don’t spend as much time or disassociate from them completely. Be busier in a positive direction not to have time for time wasters.

You’ll have to make some hard decisions for the sake of your higher purpose and your contribution to this world. To cut the cord, at least till you gather enough strength to be a positive influence on them.

Expand your association with greatness so these little small thinking ideas don’t even find the way to your mind because you have filled it with incredible influence. And it is all:

because you are worth it,

because your greatness matters.

Only you can decide whether to unleash your greatness or continue playing small.

You have a choice.




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Stanislava Hale
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