When You Have a Hundred Reasons To Quit

No pain, no game!

When you have a hundred reasons to quit, find one reason to continue.

You don’t become a dancer over night. Or just by joining a dance school. It takes years of hard training, different preparations and many giving-ups. Any athlete will tell you that they had a hundred reasons to quit before they won their first match or competition. And even more reasons after.

You don’t become and painter without learning how to hold the brush and without learning practical techniques. And most probably only with a good tutoring or schooling. Or a surgeon. It takes years of a continues process of studying, updating knowledge and adapting to new researches. It takes real dedication.

And the same applies for Online Marketers. You don’t become it just by signing up for some network or an affiliate program. It takes time, often years, to learn great skills strategies. To be on top with good marketing approaches. And it takes forever to keep up with a modern technology and with what works right now.

NETWORK is the word of NET and WORK. A NET of like-minded people and people who need your product. And WORK for a hard everyday work, learning, failing and succeeding.

If you find the reason WHY and when your reason why is big enough, nothing will stop you from achieving what you want. You will be willing to learn new skills, work hard every day, absorb new knowledge easily and pursue your goals and dreams until they become your everyday reality.

You always have a choice to:

1) STAY IN your obsolete life and hate it, including yourself, pretend you are happy, just because you are comfortable, fear the unknown just for the sake of it, and never really try to be better, to have a better life.


2) GO FOR IT!! Give it all you have, all your energy and all of yourself and you will find that one reason why to continue even when you have a hundred reasons to quit.

Your brain and body have more capacity than they show. Turn your fears into your fuel and a drive and don’t you ever, but ever, quit!!!

You are special and important. And there is someone who needs your expertise, who needs what you have.

Now let me invite you to learn how to become an Online Marketer. To join our NET-WORK and learn skills you need to enable you to propose your knowledge and experience to the world of digital future.

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Stanislava Hale
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