Who is Online Marketing Business for?

Every business is about people, for the people and to the people.

So is Online Marketing Business.

Daily I receive questions as to what is my business all about. If it’s some kind of a dodgy pyramid scheme where I would have to recruit people, or more like how quickly did I get rich and how quickly they can, better yet without much work involved, or how other people can benefit from what I do in order to become independent and successful too…

And often, when I tell them it is an online marketing business and like any business, it’s about people, they are totally put off like I was asking them for their life savings or a kidney. Seems to me they have some odd expectations of online marketers as if it was some fashion business that should make you rich very quickly by misleading people and then you disappear just as quickly.

I don’t see where all the fear and reputation comes from.

Every business is about people.

No business is for itself but for the people. Without people there would be no need for any business of any kind in the whole wide world.

Behind every business there is a visionary, a person, or a group of people, with a great idea or a dream. It’s called a team, people that collaborate together, with the same objective, to make the idea work, bring it to life, make a dream come true. The success of the dream becoming a reality lies within a power of teamwork, that daily work on their dream, inspire each other, brainstorm each other and put pieces of a puzzle together. And when the workload gets heavier and the team needs to expand, they invite more like-minded people onboard who will support the team and its ideas. The process is called recruiting.

Then again if you don’t share your ideas with the world and if you don’t put your dream in front of people, who will know about it? Who are you creating it all for if not for the world to be a better place? What would be an idea/business for if not for people to benefit from? And for that you need marketing. Marketing means sharing your ideas and promoting it further.

A baker needs people to bake his bread for, young or old. You wouldn’t know where to buy it (not get for free) from a baker if he didn’t have a nice store with a very attractive choice of bread, arrangements and irresistible smell coming from it. Is it called attraction marketing? Of course, it is. So is with the dentist, he also works for people, to help them and to earn. So does the carpenter, so does anyone…

What I, the online marketer, do is not rocket science.

I have an online marketing business and am a FreedomLaptopLifestyle entrepreneur. I propose a certain workstyle to certain people. A style that might not appeal to everyone. No business has to. A freedom laptop lifestyle is for people who would like to live their life differently than just in 9-6 jobs or working for someone else. Especially with nowadays technology and the digital industry on the rise where it’s more than possible to take your laptop and work from almost everywhere, rather than sit in an open-space air-conditioned office and execute same tasks over and over without giving it a second thought if they have any meanings at all. Just like I used to do…

I promote and help people to start building their own online businesses, helping them start their own network with the opportunities I took advantage of and strategies I put in action. I show people it is possible to be your own boss and live your life on your own terms. It really isn’t rocket science.

But being a business owner requires a great deal of self-discipline, self-motivation, something not many people are prepared to do. Often they lost any of that with bad schooling and later in a passive or comfortable existence of many employments (been there, done that too!)

Discipline = Freedom!

Simple. Any business is about freedom. Freedom to do what we love, with freedom of time, place and money.

I, as any business owner, who wants my business to grow and be successful, work very hard with consistency, with persistence, I well educate myself on things I am interested in and serve my business and upgrade my skills daily, but most importantly I use a plain COMMON SENSE. I do recruit and market my business, why wouldn’t I? I believe in what I do and I am convinced it can help many like-minded people who are looking for the same, to break free like myself some time ago. You can’t try to convince people of something you are not convinced of yourself. But when you are, you simply can’t wait to SHARE your conviction with the world! You want people to hear you out and see the possible benefits and options for themselves too.

Every successful business owner knows the most important key factor to success is the MINDSET and being true to your own self. I choose to be, and I hope YOU DO too.

My definition of an Online Marketing Professional is, “A person who is an expert at the skills required to build a large and successful Network Marketing organisation.”



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