Why I Think Modesty is False and Selfish

Modesty could be false and misleading way of trying to show humility while hiding a lack of responsibility. It is the quality of being relatively moderate, limited, or small in amount, rate, or level.

Considering yourself modest doesn’t mean the same as being humble. We have one life only and we shouldn’t pretend we’d settle for anything life throws at us or for the average while our heart desires it all, the best and the abundance of it. Modesty can be really false and selfish and not confound with humility, which has more integrity.


Wanting it all shouldn’t be a taboo. Wanting the best the life can offer is in our nature. Admitting it is a problem.

Some people think that if they openly express their wishes and especially the daring ones, like wanting to be rich or super rich, people will judge them and consider them greedy or even crazy.

It is still a taboo in our society to express our daring wishes and desires while whining and complaining about our misery is totally fine and accepted. What more, expected.

People would tell you the wealth and get-rich will strip you off a good character you have now, well, automatically assumed you do, just because you are not rich. And there is a false belief the rich people have no real-life perspectives. But again, who decides what real life perspectives are?

People will tell you that wealth and abundance will not bring you happiness, but these people usually never had enough for themselves to know otherwise anyway. And as much as the money won’t really bring you happiness, nor does being poor or broke.

Often people despise rich people while they love showing sympathy to the poor.

Getting rich is not only possible, but it is also our responsibility. Being poor and staying broke is selfish. It takes no effort. Staying in a comfort zone and not attempting to improve your quality of life is really selfish and modesty has nothing to do with it, but rather laziness.


When you are rich you can help a lot of people, while when you are poor, you often can hardly provide for yourself or you could be a burden to others. Many people expect help and feel like the world owes them something and must help them. Poor people will give you any excuses to why they are poor rather than stand up to it, take full responsibility and try to change it and improve the quality of their lives. Taking action requires courage, discomfort, hard work and commitment. It calls for a change. Something not everyone is prepared to do.

People would tell you that they don’t need to be rich, just comfortable. But what is it being comfortable? Same as what is it really being rich? How much money is enough? Who decides what is worth what and enough for whom and when? Who decides on margins and borders?

Being modest is not the same as being humble. You can stay humble even when being very independent and have financial freedom. While when being only modest it will never allow you to dream big enough and reach your goals.


I am Stanislava Hale,

FREEDOM LAPTOP LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEUR (for reason) and YOU can become too, and to find out how you can CREATE a LIFE and BUSINESS you love and gain financial freedom and riches, in sense reaching all the personal and life goals, click the link below or any image. No, I am not rich or financially free just yet, but I am certainly working towards it by taking action with help of like-minded people who are not timid to admit, affirm and work their butt off towards their life goals too, abundance and towards life by their own designs where false modesty has no place.

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Stanislava Hale
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