Wine Tasting Trip as a Part of Your Online Business

Well, literally. Why not go on a wine tasting trip to Austria even though it’s only a weekday?

I can not be more grateful for the opportunity of having my own online business than I already am. For the character of work, the freedom it brings in every aspect of my life.

Casual day and while most of my girlfriends are tapping into their computers in their 9-6 jobs, locked up in the open-space offices, I feel like working from out today. Today is not going to be my home, but something a lot more tasty :D. It feels great t be able to just leave work but never really abandon it. But go out and get inspired. And so I did. Yes, without an approval or long notice to my boss or without losing a day of my allocated holiday.

Having an online business as a single mum, as a woman or just because I am too tired or “too big” to work for someone else is, for me, the best job ever. I love freedom, I love the flexibility and my own way of organising my day, my work and having a perfect life/work balance.

But it wasn’t always like this. And it was enough to meet some of my friends last night to remind me of it. Seeing a little group sitting all together like we used to do when I was working where they are now, being invited to business dinners, with people I never really appraised or had much in common or, in some cases, never liked at all, seeing those fake smiles and fake conversations just to entertain each other or just to show that we, whether as a team or as a company, really know what we are doing and working together towards the same goal, was a wake-up call. Hm, hardly ever anyone had a clue or did really care about anything else but a monthly salary anyway, me included.

Everybody had his/her own interest and expectations while eating free dinner in some nice restaurant. Many of them would turn up just to show their usual “I know all and I am prepared to do anything that helps my career, whether legitimate or less”. It wasn’t always a nice & friendly company paid dinner, team building or a social event that any corporation insists on hosting. But often it looked like a bunch of spoiled brats left to binge on anything since it’s on a company budget.

Well, it certainly wasn’t my favourite activity or idea of get-together. But more like a complete waste of my precious time. Though many of my career stricken friends took it too seriously to show up at such events to “get to know each other better” and hoping for some lucky break in the future.

Now, with my online business and the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime, I team up only with people that could inspire me or who can help me build my business while I can contribute in some other way. I choose my events and our business lunches or dinners are often about everything else but business. They are about value and future contributions. I like to have fun while working. I love to meet with nice and interesting people while working rather than ego-stricken bosses chasing their imaginary careers. I love to see exciting places while working, rather than sharing my desktop and my drawer and the view from my window has to be inspiring, not a next-door office building with same tired people staring back at me.

My whole work has to be inspiring, not expiring.

And all that ONLINE BUSINESS provides. All that works perfectly with my kind of lifestyle. That all respects FREEDOM I sought for so long…


FREEDOM LAPTOP LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEUR (for reason) and YOU can become it too

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