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Having a work from home job doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it can certainly be an option for many people.

Having an opportunity to be finally able to quit the job with a corporation I never liked anyway, to go and build my work from home job, was certainly a redemption for me. And not only because I am a mom and I wanted to spend more time with my children, but because I love my freedom, flexibility and a choice. But mainly, because I finally wanted to do work I love, which fulfills me and gives me a space to grow.

For many years I was in a job which was expiring me, not inspiring. I started working with international corporations again after returning from long maternity leave. At first, I naturally expected great intellectual challenges. However, quickly I found myself working long hours on boring and pointless routine work. I never understood what was actually expected of me, as it seemed that no matter what I do and how much I give, it was never good enough. After a few years of dull tasks, I stopped hoping that I’d move on to more interesting things. I started being tired, sick and bored with such job.

And that’s where I started thinking of alternative option. Of a work from home job, of my own online business job I can perform from anywhere as long as I have a laptop and internet connection. I missed spending more time with my children and having a flexible timetable which is so indispensable for me or any single parent, I believe. That’s why I needed to reinvent myself again and start being a normal person, not just a tired, stressed out woman spending hours and hours locked in the air-con building with somebody trying to convince me of the importance of my existence at work but only when I needed a day off to be approved or holidays.

My search for online business opportunity and having my own work from home job had paid off and less than two years later I am on the journey to fulfill my dreams and live my life by my own design.

Well, I can’t put the exact date when my reinvention had started. It took months of mindset preparation with a strong desire for self-development. My journey started in a brain-gym long ago really and the rest had just fallen into places once I had a clear idea about how I’d love my life to be in the future. The online jobs opportunities had presented themselves as perfect options after.

Our MINDSET is the foundation of our destiny. We can create our life and that’s why working on it and constantly self-developing it is ever so important to stay conscious and aware of our environment and its influence.

My mindset brought me here and you have to see where yours is taking you. It’s never too late to start anew and start living the life you’ve always wanted. And if I can do it, you can do too and even better.


Stanislava Hale


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Stanislava Hale
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