Working Moms Struggles and Lifestyle

How do working moms manage work and family and still remain sane?

Do working moms struggle? Or are they just superhumans?

You have your baby, but after a while, there is a pressure for you to return to work environment. The reasons could be any, from a lack of money if only one salary is pulling the household forward. You feel like you need to regain your “old life” which you miss it now, or you just want to join the working moms’ force that can easily manage a child/children, family and career. The social standard, pressure and expectations are this and you feel like you must follow the mass, obey the rules.

They will only tell you about this option, about the success stories of which you never see the background anyway to judge for yourself. Nobody talks about the alternatives. Nobody will tell you about real struggles and a nonsense of doing it all. And you can try to do all, but can you do it all well???

Whatever the reason. You are a working mom and now you are dividing your time. Yes, dividing. Love can be multiplied, not TIME. A day has 24 hrs equally for everyone.

After I changed my status from a stay-at-home mom to a working single mom, I believed I can do it all. To be a great working mom, have a career and still keep a good lifestyle. The contrary was the fact. I was multitasking, should I use a modern terminology, but being crap at everything. At the time I thought this is my life now and I have to manage. And I will be good at it. I never asked for help, then again I had no one to ask anyway since I chose to take a job in the city I didn’t know or anyone in it, while the father of our children remained living abroad, and neither I had any family or friends.

Only after my total mental exhaustion being a superwoman for years I realised and had to come to terms with the fact, you can’t do it all for too long. The strain started to show. I started to see and feel the damage almost in every sphere.

But what made me highlight so underestimated subject is the article I read yesterday by some “life coach” who was giving a schedule to a working mom on how to manage it all. A life coach that is a young and childless lady, only just graduated. Trying to teach a working mom how to manage kids while working full time and keeping sanity. Giving her extremely busy schedule to follow which looked like Wall street formula. Had it been me, I’d have difficulties to follow the tables she prepared and would spend more time reading, checking and crossing the fields than actually being able to even do something. How can anyone teach you, mom, and prepare you for it? You can’t schedule life, especially with children. You do your best and that’s the best you can do.

Now I know my life does not have to be according to some “standard” and I will not allow it to be anymore either. It doesn’t work, at least not for me or for the women in my life, from my observation speaking.

I resigned from my job immediately after my sick leave and with help of my mentors and by following their business modules I am back to a stay-at-home mom but this time a working mom.

Being working from home mom on my own Online Business.

Life of any working mom does not and should not be a struggle. It should be the most beautiful stage of a woman’s journey. Isn’t that what is all about after all??

(Where are we all rushing???)

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Stanislava Hale


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Stanislava Hale
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